Divination by the groom

"Prisoner-mummer" - how often can you hear thisphrase! And immediately it becomes clear: here the girls are guessing at the future spouse. Career, education, money, success - all this fades and loses its value when it comes to the most important thing in a woman's life - the future husband and father of children. Everyone dreams that fate has sent her the best groom, and so you want to know in advance what it will be like. That is why the most popular of all fortune-telling is the divination of the groom.

There is a huge multitude of fortune-telling on the betrothed.Some help to see his face, some to find out the name, financial status, place of residence, etc. According to Russian traditions, the best time to spend fortune-telling on a groom is Christmas Eve (January 7 - 19). However, you can guess at other times, the main thing is to know what exactly you want to know.

General rules:

1. During the divination, you need to remove all religious attributes.

2. Traditional Russian fortune-telling, especially the sacred ones, begin with the words "narrowed-ryazheny", and then there is already a fortune telling the fortune-telling.

3. For fortune telling, you will definitely need ancillary items: matches, maps, mirrors, water, etc.

4.Gadaniya conducted at night (on a dream or at midnight) or at dawn.

So, guessing on the groom, with the help of which you canto find out the appearance of the future of the condemned: under the pillow you need to put a comb and, going to bed, say "Seriously-mummified, come and comb me." You can eat something salty for the night and ask the sucheno to give you drink in a dream. If in the near future the girl is destined to meet her future fiancé, then he will surely dream of her.

Help to see the future of the condemned can "well"built from matches. Place it under the bed or at its head, and next place a water-filled thimble that will symbolize a bucket of water. Then "lock" the well to the castle (that is, put a lock next to it, and the key from it - under the pillow). At night, a man will come to you to drink water.

Another sure way to see the futuregroom, it's fortune telling in a new house. If you are sleeping in a house for the first time, say the phrase "In the new place, dream the bridegroom to the bride" and if she is soon destined to meet her love, she will dream a betrothed.

A very important part of fortune telling is divination byname of the groom. The name always had a sacred meaning. That is why many fortune tellers need to pronounce their name in order to attract "their own", and to find out the name of the future spouse means to learn much about his character, which is greatly influenced by the name.

So, you can tell fortune to the groom's name with the help ofstraw. Let's just say that this fortune-telling is suitable for a big fun company. You need to get some straw, knock it in a lump and put it on the table. The lump must be large enough that a pan can be placed on top. In the frying pan you need to put a stone and pour water. Then the girls gathered in turn take out from the coma one straw. The stone in the skillet is slightly moved and produces a sound. That's why the girl should recognize the name of the suitor.

There is a more simple and modern divinationon the groom, who will tell his name. On small sheets of paper you need to write different male names, put them under the pillow for the night, and in the morning pull out one of the leaves. It is believed that it will write the name of the future husband.

One of the most reliable and reliablefortune telling on the cards of the groom. It is possible to address in a holy week in a fortuneteller, which will make a professional alignment for the future, or you can try to manage yourself. Before going to bed, "put on the beauty": comb, wash, dress some decoration or even make an easy make-up. Place under the pillow of the king of diamonds and ask your betrothed to dream to you.

If you have a few interesting pointsyoung people, and you want to know which of them you sympathize, then take the four kings, guess the boy's three names, and on the fourth - the stranger, and put them under the pillow. In the morning pull out one of the cards and see who is interested in you. If a stranger drops out, then you are in sympathy with someone you do not notice.

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