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What can I do to prevent a bad dream come true?

Any person to restore strength and energyrequires a full long sleep (at least 8 hours). As you know, staying in the arms of Morpheus, people have the opportunity to see dreams. Dreams can be good and bad, in addition, they have a property to come true. Dreaming a bad dream brings little pleasure, and it's worth while avoiding it. What can I do to prevent a dream come true? Let us consider this question in more detail.

Treating dreams

Faith in dreams has come to modern society sinceancient times. To study dreams began in ancient Greece and India. The accumulated knowledge and observations poured into paper, so already in the II century the Greek researcher named Artemidus made the first dream book.

what to do so that sleep does not come true
Современные сонники во многом отличаются друг от friend, such a discrepancy is easy to explain: the fact is that all the dream books are nothing more than a collection of descriptions of various consequences of what happened in a dream embodied in life. Anyway, each person goes his own life path, on his way there are various factors and events. Therefore, there is no specific model for the repetition of the situation.

Species of dreams

Dreaming can occur at various stages of sleep: during a nap or a deep sleep. Also, dreams are good and bad, color and black and white. To special categories carry things.

Bright and colorful dreams are more often remembered,as a rule, they are associated with positive life moments, expected in the future. Black and white - dull and gray, do not bode well; Dark colors, in contrast, are an indicator of the negative.

What you need to do so that a bad dream does not come true
Many people prefer to consider all dreams as prophetic,every event that happens is considered to be a certain signal. Naturally, everyone prefers that only a good dream come true. In turn, questions arise about what to do to prevent a dream come true. The debate on this topic is not closed to this day, so there is no unequivocal opinion.

Are bad dreams bad?

Horrors and nightmares negatively affect the overallpsychological state of a person. Nervousness, lack of proper rest exhaust the body, so bad dreams are not only a signal, but also a harbinger of negative events in life.

what to do so that a bad dream does not come true
Sometimes there is a sense of deja vu, when what happened already happened in a dream, it means that fate presents some signs that you should look at.

Bad dreams are considered to be harbingers of disease,deaths and other negative life losses. The specialists of parapsychology agree in one opinion that thoughts are material, therefore, while nurturing and pondering the events of sleep, the person himself unknowingly simulates their implementation.

The first and main recommendation on the question of what to do to prevent a bad dream from coming true is to avoid the appearance of bad sleep, namely, to ensure a good rest to the body.

The fight against bad dreams from a scientific point of view

From the scientific point of view, the appearance of bad dreams can have a number of reasons:

  • Psychological state - such factors as depression and nervous breakdowns, contribute to sleep disturbance.

  • Inconvenient position during sleep - in variouspostures can be squeezed by various organs (breathing, blood circulation, etc.), the organ that causes pain and discomfort, sends impulses to the cerebral cortex, which in turn gives a reaction in the form of a nightmare in a dream.

  • Physiological problems of the body, which are caused by malnutrition and diseases, are also capable of creating discomfort during sleep.

What you need to do so that the dream does not come true
The main guidance of traditional scientificmethods about what needs to be done so that the dream does not come true, is a psychological attitude. If it already happened that an unpleasant dream had a dream, then do not focus on it and consider its interpretation. If such dreams are repeated, then in the power of each person to add to their own sleep a positive, for example, the darkness dispel the sun, and quarrels with dear people prevent presentation of an unexpected gift.

The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud was involved in the psychological interpretation of dreams, he is one of the few who drew attention to a special manifestation of phobias and fears during sleep.

What it is necessary to make, that the dream has not come true?We need to analyze it soberly. Sometimes the accumulated nervous tension and the most frequent thoughts are poured out in a dream, and sometimes even there comes an insight that is the answer to the question.

Folk methods: how to avoid the embodiment of bad dreams

What you need to do so that the dream does not come true
Innovative methods of what to do to prevent a dream come true, appeared quite recently. But the popular practice of the councils collected over the centuries is also very effective.

Distinguish such ways that it is necessary to make, that the bad dream has not come true:

  • Dream catcher - used to make such an attribute manually, now this accessory can be purchased in many stores.

  • Do not tell anyone about this dream.

  • Water is considered one of the cleansers,which is capable of clearing and carrying out troubles. For the night before the bed a vessel with clean water is put (every day the liquid changes), in the morning it is necessary to wash, rattling the water, to wash away the entire dreamed negative.

  • Believers always pray before bedtime, very often an icon is placed in the bedroom and a church candle is lit.

There are many other ways that, according to tradition, save a person from bad dreams.

Dreams from Thursday to Friday

It is generally accepted that every day dreamsweeks have a certain meaning. Dreams seen on the night from Thursday to Friday are considered prophetic, they can be performed for 3 to 4 months, the likelihood of incarnation is more than 50%.

From the scientific point of view, this phenomenon is explained by the fact that at the end of the working week the emotional tension is pouring out in possible variants of playing events in a dream.

Another interesting hypothesis:the patroness of Friday is Venus, so the feelings and situations that have arisen in a dream have a property to come true. It is worth noting that according to the beliefs, it is on the night of Friday that young people can dream of a narrowing. Venus is the patroness of feelings, therefore prophetic dreams are only those that relate to love and personal relationships, all other events are not taken into account.

What to do to make a dream come true on Friday
The advice on what to do to prevent a dream from coming true on Friday is no different from the above, so we will not give them attention again.

A dream that is not remembered

It happens that it is what happened in a dreamflew out of my head, but there was an unpleasant residue. Should I expect trouble after such dreams? Such dreams only indicate that a person has some problems with the choice, so he should seriously think about this issue and dwell on one option.

In order to exclude the possibility of poor sleep,First of all, you need to work on yourself morally, happy people are strong in spirit. Dreams become prophetic only when a person wants them to come true, anyone can change his destiny and set the right direction, regardless of what was previously intended. There are a lot of people in the world who are engaged in the question of what needs to be done so that a bad dream does not come true, but there is no consensus. In addition, there is no guarantee that this or that method will get rid of problems. All dreams are prophetic, since dreams can express thoughts and incarnate hidden desires, the consequences of which can manifest themselves in real life.

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