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The history and working hours of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The modern Cathedral of Christ the Saviorwas re-created in the 90's. The first construction of the cathedral dates back to the XIX century, it was built in memory of the soldiers of the Russian tsarist army who died in foreign campaigns and the Patriotic War of 1812. Next, we will look in detail at the time of the work of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior ", but in the meantime, we will dip a bit into its history in order to understand what historical events took place around this monastery.


The architect of the temple KA Tona designed the original of the temple.The first stone was laid in late September 1839. The temple was built 44 years. It was consecrated in late May 1883. In the early 30's, when the Stalin reconstruction of the city began, the temple was blown up. It was rebuilt for 3 years (from 1994 to 1997).

the temple of Christ the Savior

Now it stands in all its splendor andis the Patriarchal household. This temple is the largest in Russia, it can accommodate up to 10,000 people. The cathedral has the shape of an equilateral cross with a width of 80 m. The height with a dome is 103 meters. He was determined to be built in the Russian-Byzantine style. There are three limits in it. The temple was consecrated on August 6, 1996.


Any parishioner can freely visit the templeChrist the Savior. The time of this cathedral will be convenient for all. It should be noted that the idea was to recreate the ancient tradition of the vows, which were created as a token of thanksgiving and eternal remembrance of the dead.

Emperor Alexander I, when they were expelledNapoleonic soldiers, signed a decree dated December 25, 1812, so that in the ruined Moscow, first of all, a church was built. In 1814, the project set deadlines in order to build a church in the name of Christ the Savior within 10-12 years. The project was 28-year-old Carl Whitberg - not an architect, but an artist, a mason and a Lutheran. It turned out very beautiful. To be able to engage in this project, Witberg became Orthodox. The place was prepared on the Vorobyovy Gory, where the royal residence of the Vorobyevsky Palace was located earlier. For construction it was decided to spend 16 million rubles. In mid-October 1817, in honor of the victory over the French (by the fifth anniversary), the first temple on Vorobyovy Gory was laid.


20 000 serfs participated in the construction.At first the pace of construction was high, but then because of the credulity of Witberg, who had no managerial experience, the construction began to linger, money began to go away no one knows where, and waste was poured into the amount of about one million rubles.

temple of Christ the Savior work time

When in 1825 Tsar Nicholas I came to the throne,the construction was suspended allegedly because of the instability of the soil, and the leaders went to court for embezzlement and were fined 1 million rubles. Witberg was deported, confiscating all his possessions. Some historians, however, consider Whitberg a man of integrity, he was only to blame for his imprudence. In exile, he did not stay long, later his projects were used to build Orthodox cathedrals in Tiflis and Perm.

New project

Meanwhile, Nicholas I in 1831 appointsarchitect K. Ton. A new place was chosen Volkhonka (Chertolye). At this point, then stood the Alekseevsky Convent, which was transferred to Krasnoye Selo. Then there was a rumor that the disgruntled abbess of the monastery had predicted: "This place must be empty."

In May 1883 the church was consecrated by the MetropolitanMoscow Ioannicius in the presence of Tsar Alexander III. Years passed, and in 1922 the new government gave the temple to the Renovationists. In 1931 there was a meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR, where it was decided to destroy the church and in its place to build the Palace of Soviets. A few more decades passed, and the state's attitude toward the church was softened. By the 1000th anniversary of Russia, it was decided to rebuild a new cathedral. And he was erected in the shortest possible time. Patriarch Alexy II on the feast of the Transfiguration on August 6, 1996 consecrated the church and held the first liturgy there. Now we can admire this ingenious masterpiece.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior: relics, time of work

Today, many tourists, believers and non-believers,go to the cathedral, because its scale and history are really impressive. Many are interested in the work of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. He works without days off, and divine services here take place in view of holidays and the appointed celebrations.

The temple of Christ the Savior of might work time

  • The time of the work of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior for worship is from 9-00 to 19-00.
  • Liturgy in ordinary days begins at 8-00, and evening - at 17-00.
  • On Saturday morning service - at 9-00; All-night vigil - at 17-00.
  • Sunday morning - at 10-00; the all-night vigil is 17-00.

To know the exact time of the templeChrist the Savior, you need to go to his official website. There are many sacred places in the church, among which there are particles of the vestments of Jesus Christ and the Virgin, a fragment of the relics of St. Andrew, the head of St. John Chrysostom.

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