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2010 is the year of which animal? Tiger is a horoscope. Characteristics born in the year of the Tiger

About four thousand years ago, a Chinese horoscope appeared. According to him, the chronology was divided into twelve year cycles and five elements or elements.

Change of signs of animals occurred every year. The year bore the name of the animal and the name of the element that protects him. Let's say: the Year of the Metal Rabbit or the year of the Earth Bull.

Chinese chronology

The year 2010 of which animal

The full cycle of the calendar was 12 cycles × 5elements, but only 60 years. Elements or elements changed every two years in a strict order: Wood, followed by Fire, then Earth, Metal, Water ... To understand the principle of changing elements, we will practice in the definition.

Let's take 2010. The year of what animal preceded him by the eastern calendar?
Let's look at the twelve-year cycle, drawn in the form of a circle with the figures of animals depicted.

Two years under the sign of the Earth - 2008 (Earth Rats) and 2009 (Earth Bull) - come to replace the two years under the sign of Metal - 2010 (Metal Tiger) and 2011 (Metal Rabbit).

The difference between predators, Dragon and Tiger, andherbivores, sheep and rabbit, is immediately visible - these animals are incompatible. So different are the other signs: Snake and Monkey are smart and cunning, and Horse and Bull are hard workers, hard workers.

tiger horoscope

Element Properties

The positive qualities of "tree" signs: people under the influence of the Tree are sociable, practical, resourceful, compassionate.

Negative traits: intolerant, forgetful, immoderate in desires, touchy, angry, not satisfied with life.

Positive element of Fire: such people are dynamic, impetuous, energetic, brave, noble, passionate and devoted.

Negative features of Fire: reckless, stubborn, ambitious, intolerant, demanding, immoderate in desires.

Element of the Earth: fair, practical, logical, peaceful, enduring, objective.

Negative features: sluggish, stubborn, closed, focused on personal problems.

Element of Metal, positive traits: resolute, stable, dreamy, successful, romantic.

Negative features: tough, straightforward, stubborn, impetuous.

Positive features of Water: generous, perceptive, artistic, able to sympathize, conflict-free, loyal, compliant, soft, balanced.

Negative properties: passive, suspicious, emotionally excitable, subject to mood swings, windy, suggestible, addicted.

Tigers are different: yellow, white, red ...
Year of the Tiger Characteristics

If 2009 is the year of the Earth, then 2010 is the yearwhich animal? The answer is simple: Metal Tiger. This means that the tigers are still earthen, fire, wood and water. Depending on the elements. That is, a tiger born under the sign of the Earth, and a tiger born under the sign of Fire - these will be two different in character.

The King of Tiger Beasts

The horoscope of this animal speaks for itself.Tiger is a royal person among other animals. These are careerists who will always strive for power. It does not matter that not all will achieve the highest posts. Mid-level positions are also an achievement. They love the job, on which you can quickly move up the career ladder.

Tiger Warrior

Their destiny - the military form and battles with whom and whatanything: elements, enemies, criminals, diseases. Tigers are in the ranks of police, military, health workers and firefighters. They make revolutions and lead the masses. Tigers are conflict and stubborn, but disinterested and capable of heroic deeds in the name of people. Tigers are among those who can overthrow legitimate power and violate age-old order.

They love extreme and can be both offenders and commanders. The Tiger's horoscope is devoid of a quiet life, but these are people of strong will and a solid character, capable of feats.

Benevolent, fair, albeit quick-tempered, are common features of those born in the year of the Tiger. The characteristic is quite positive. Friends of them are respected and listened to opinion.

horoscope year of the tiger

What is written on the paw of the Tiger?

The life of the Tiger, as a rule, is deprived of serenity andrest. This is the fate of the warrior and fighter. The problems that arise in life: material, housing, love and family - everything has to be solved by the Tiger. Tigers can be close to the Horse, the Dog and the Dragon. He must avoid clever and cunning Serpents and Monkeys and be wary of the Bull, who is stronger than the Tiger and can always attack his eternal enemy. If the Bull and the Tiger are in the same house, then the Tigger should always go quietly, "in English" go to avoid conflict. The same dislike for the Tiger of the Cat - they never get along. So says the eastern horoscope. Year of the Tiger is a chance for courageous and enterprising.

Tigressic intrigues

Tiger and the Rat.Union is possible if the Rat becomes less lying and cunning, and the Tiger will be less stubborn. Although for this he will need incredible efforts, because this is the main characteristic of the born in the year of the Tiger.

Tiger with the Bull. Marriage and friendship are impossible. Complete incompatibility. So in business - their joint ventures are waiting for collapse and bankruptcy.

Tiger with the Tiger. Marriage is undesirable. Everyone aspires to power. There will be constant conflicts. Friendship is possible.

Tiger and Rabbit. Marriage is not recommended. Friendship, too. But in business, they will complement each other well. Rabbit is cautious, and Tiger is bold and bold.

2010 year of the animal in the eastern calendar

Tiger with the Dragon. A very good alliance of strong signs. The dragon is discreet and wise, they will perfectly complement each other. The dragon is the head, and the Tiger is labor.

Tiger with the Snake. Marriage is strictly not recommended. The snake is wise, and Tiger is ambitious. They will never understand each other.

Tiger with a Horse. Normal relationship. And in marriage, and in friendship, and in business.

Tiger with Goat. Marriage with Goat is undesirable and even dangerous. Gnevlivy Tiger is able during a quarrel to eat poor Goat. Friendship and business are possible.

Tiger with the Monkey. Marriage is unlikely. Friendship can be, but so far it remains only friendship! Business is possible. The trick of the Monkey and the power of the Tiger will unite the efforts of both and make the common cause successful.

The Tiger and the Rooster are clearly incompatible. The rooster is proud, and Tiger is vain. The urge of both to power will destroy any of their relationships, even in love, even in business!

Tiger and Dog are compatible in marriage. Friendship is impossible. Business is permissible in all kinds of activities, except for commerce and finance.

Tiger and Pig are good partners for marriage and for simple friendship. Pig prudent, careful, respects the Tiger. Business is also possible if the Tiger will appreciate the partner.

Judging by the above descriptions, the Tigers are peopledifficult, on the contrary - stubborn and tough, with a willful character. Life for them is not a rest and entertainment, but only a tool to achieve the goal, no matter what it will be - good or bad. A complex and gusty beast, this tiger. The horoscope is the same striped.

people born in the year of the tiger

Black and white stripes of the Year of the Tiger

Characteristics of 2010 (under the sign ofmetallic Tiger) shows that this was a difficult and tense period for people, connected with instability in all spheres. These are economic crises and defaults, accidents and disasters along the lines of communication, strikes and dismissals at enterprises.

But along with the negative, this year was also a source of optimism: for hard-working and conscientious workers it was a real chance to advance in the service and take up worthy posts.

Sometimes people ask:"And if we take 2010, what kind of animal quality is characteristic for this period?" In general, this year included the "revolutionism and reformism" of the Tiger and gave new businessmen and politicians a chance to rise and take over the reins of government. Other political forces came to power, and new figures on the state Olympus declared themselves at the top of their voice. In the course of business life, state-scale construction projects were actively introduced: construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi was underway and preparations were being made for EURO 2012, both in Russia and Ukraine.

Ambitiousness and rivalry, aspirationovertake and lead, become better and richer than others, slimmer and prettier than others - all these aspirations awakened the troubled but progressive year of the Tiger in people. The characteristics of other aspects of human life were approximately the same. The struggle for love, power, money and a place under the sun in general was fought.

Thus, the year of the Tiger gives a chance to young, energetic, enterprising to show themselves and take a worthy place in life in our troubled world.

"Royal" Tigers

I.Grozny, Marx, Robespierre, Beethoven, Hegel, D.Donskoy, K. Chapek, Kropotkin, Romain Rolland, Eisenhower, Ho Chi Minh, Charles de Gaulle, Wrangel, V. Molotov, Yu. Andropov, M. Suslov - people born in the year of the Tiger. The list is quite impressive.

characteristic of the born in the year of the tiger

Summing up, I want to try to predict the future by the example of 2010. The year of the animal in the Eastern calendar will be the next, and what, given the influence of the elements, is it supposed to be?

Now you already know ...

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