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What does the male organ dream about? Interpretation of dreams

The astral does not just lead to a fantastic world, hetears off the imagination of a cover of propriety and shyness. You can see here a lot, which people do not really think about in real life. Do you know what the male organ is dreaming about? A person who is not concerned with problems in the sexual area will probably be surprised by remembering the night plots and will try to determine what exactly the subconscious tells him, what he is preparing for. Let's look at what the male genitalia looks like in order to be fully armed and understand the hints of the angels.

what does the male body dream about

How to approach decoding

After reading the famous authors, you will understand:Plots differ not only in the circumstances and brightness of details. When deciding what the male organ dreams about, it is important to take into account the sex, the age of the dreamer, and other circumstances. For example, if such an immodest story appeared before the inner gaze of a young lady who did not know love, this is one thing if it was born of the imagination of a married lady-another, men-quite different. It is important to consider what the person has been thinking about lately. Dreams are often reflections of day-to-day worries and anxieties. And there is no need to figure out what the male organ is dreaming about to a guy who is trapped in an inferiority complex because of unhappy love. Here it is not necessary to deal with interpretations, but with oneself. It is also advisable to recall a person who owned something that the modesty does not mention in an open conversation. From the person too much depends on decoding. But first things first.

the male organ is dreaming of a woman

What does a man's body dream about a girl

Let's define:in this paragraph we decipher an indiscreet story for virgins who have not known male love. This is important for talking with the subconscious. If the male organ scared the girl, trouble is coming. It is the object of attention of a person who is not burdened with morality. The situation is dangerous. The girl should look more closely around, do not stay until late at the girlfriends. To see this "charm" that has grown between your legs - to a shameful act. Any rash word or action will lead to the fact that the girl is dumped in the mud of an old woman at the entrance. Black glory will stick to it for a long time, if it does not reflect on the meaning of the dream. In fact, it says that the girl is too high opinion about her charms and talents. Modesty should not be neglected in any circumstances, it is useless. Dreams of a large male body - ahead of tears, impotent anger, disappointment and depression, caused by the betrayal of a loved one. Girls such an image does not promise good. The plot pushes to be careful, offers to listen to the advice of a mother or an older friend, they will not let you down.

What does the male genitalia look like?

The meaning of the image for a woman of childbearing age

The joy of love no longer gives you that joy,that before, - said the dream book. Dreams of a man's body to a woman, which means she longs for the caress, care, confident indulgence of a real man. The one that is next to her does not satisfy her inner, sometimes unconscious needs. If the body belonged to a relative, expect trouble. This is a bad dream. He portends some changes in the family, which are called only indecent, obscene words. Someone will make a fatal mistake, plunging all loved ones into suffering and poverty. It will be very difficult to get out of the abyss.

There is a different interpretation of the image, depending on the personalrelations to it. To the ladies the male body of a stranger portends a new hobby. In the woman's environment, a real prince or knight appears. The lady risks losing her head and changing her husband. This story only talks about the likely possibility, and it's up to you to decide how to proceed. Lonely women such indiscreet storyline guarantees the appearance of a partner. Refusing his caresses is useless. Dreams of a male organ of enormous size - it means that we will have an unforgettable evening filled with passion, tenderness and incredible life-giving fire.

what does a man's body dream about a girl

Interpretation for men

A completely different idea wants to give birth in the mind of a younghuman subconscious, throwing a strange story in which the sexual organ appears. To see your genitals - to dissatisfaction. Probably, you think that you deserve more. Current relations do not suit, bore boredom. Instead of being active in bed, you prefer to sit in front of the TV with a glass of a soft drink, do not you? It is desirable to change your own attitude to love joys, come up with something new and offer a partner. She herself is waiting for this.

Explaining what the male organ is dreaming about,the dream book of Freud hints at a certain disease, the result of which can be impotence. Here you can not sit with your hands on, but you need to identify the disease and undergo a course of treatment. To see the organ from another person is a serious conflict. If you looked at the genitals of a friend, he betrayed, the chief - hangs on you all dogs, a stranger - will face fraud or deception. Nothing good promises a dream. He is a warning of a threat. By the way, see the female genital organs - for good. This is the sign of the birth of a new idea, project or hobby.

what does a big male body dream about

Decoding for the elderly

In the declining years, a person is inclined to overestimate what,which was achieved. Elderly people often spend time in memories, unconsciously conducting summing up the subtotals. The echo of such brain work is the image described. A male organ appears in a dream, when some long-forgotten situations cause pain. Something in the past is still not completely accepted. Male genitalia are a hint that it's time to reconcile with your own destiny, stop worrying. At any age there is a future, but it is connected with all new, promising. An elderly woman, this story portends a meeting with an unpleasant person, an old enemy. There is nothing to divide, try to calmly meet the test, do not pretend that the soul is still alive resentment.

what does a male organ of huge dimensions dream about

Alternative point of view

Esoterics interpret their meaning in their own waydreaming. If they do not have a sexual coloring, then the male organ in them appears as a hint of creating a new thought. It is he who is the source of the birth of a new organism. Conception is associated with it. He appears in the dreams of a man within which a big and important idea has already matured. It seeks to escape to the light, to incarnate. If the body looked sluggish or sick, it is too early to reveal to the world its brilliant thoughts. They seem to the surrounding immature, stupid. It is necessary to carefully work on what is so fascinating. Sooner or later the result will be. To see the male body of a woman - to get acquainted with the father of a future child. Probably, her thoughts are now occupied by others, but it is recommended to abandon him. Anyone who appears on its horizon soon, is sent by fate. A limp organ seen by a girl is a sign of trouble in her personal life. Her boyfriend looks at his girlfriends a long time ago. One of them will answer Lovelace with reciprocity.

what does the male body dream about

Strange visions

While we were considering astral situations,similar to reality. But in the country of Morpheus miracles happen. If you see a male organ in the wrong place - wait for a sudden scandal or a strange quarrel. When such events occur, grandmothers call it the evil eye. Genitalia predicts black energy, which is included in the aura that affects it. After such a dream oddities of the worst kind are likely. We need to gather strength and experience a black strip, everything will pass. To see the male organ of a young child is an insult. And the more he is, the more offended waking. If such a part of the body in your dream was endowed with a little girl, marvel at the sudden turn in the relationship. That person whom you trusted unselfishly will prove to be an unscrupulous liar and a hypocrite.


Deciphering what the male organ is dreaming about,focus on the situation in which it arose before your eyes. Intimate scene is natural for such an image, it means that nothing particularly bad will not follow. If you saw the male genitalia in an inappropriate situation, read the blackest predictions, do not go wrong!

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