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The prayer of Saint Matrona of Moscow about healing, about the family, about well-being

The blessed Matron star is known to manyOrthodox people. She is revered as one of the most powerful intercessors before the Lord for us sinners. Therefore, believers often turn to her with every request and in various sorrows. Matrona Matrona said during her lifetime: "After my death, come to me, tell me about your troubles, how alive, I will hear you and help you." And, indeed, these words came true. If a person turns to his mother with faith and hope, asks for good with a pure heart, then the request will be surely heard.

Mother Matrona's Photo

The prayers of Saint Matrona can be pronounced asin their own words, and read the canonical text, sing the akathist. This article gives examples of how you can pray and what to ask for, and also gives some real examples of miracles that God performed according to the prayers of the blessed old man.

Some information about the saint

Perhaps, one of the readers first learned about Saint Matron and would like to get acquainted with her life more closely.

Mother Matrona was born in the Tula region invillage of Sebino at the end of the XIX century. Even before her birth, the Lord gave a sign that the holy woman would be born: Matrona's mother in a dream appeared a huge pigeon with a human face, but with close eyelids. Matronushka was born blind, she did not have eyes, but from infancy she had spiritual sight.

The second sign occurred when she was baptized inthe local church. During the immersion of the baby, a fragrant fragrance appeared in the font. Baptized father was surprised, but explained to his parents that the baby would be holy.

The third miracle-sign occurred when Matronushkain adolescence brought to St. Petersburg in St. Andrew's Cathedral, where he served as the righteous Saint John of Kronstadt. He then told the people: "Make way! ... Come to me, Matrona! Here comes my shift - the eighth pillar of Russia! "

Icon of the Blessed Matrona of Moscow

At age 18, the holy old man's legs were cut off. Until the end of her life, she could not walk. After a while my mother forever moved to Moscow, and rested in 1952, on 2 May.

Where and how to pray?

The prayer of Saint Matrona of Moscow canto be performed at any time of day and in any quiet and peaceful place. But most often people are eager to visit the Pokrovsky Women's Monastery in Moscow, where its relics rest. Arriving at Taganka, after walking 15-20 minutes along Taganskaya Street, a believing person finds himself in a wonderful place where you can pray to a blessed old man.

One line stands to the miraculous icon, whichhanging in the street. Standing in line or just near the icon, you can ask your mother mentally about everything that excites, pray with hope and strong hope for her help. And, applying to the icon, just ask that it help, thank you, if a miracle has already happened.

The second line stretches to the temple, where the relics restSt. And here, standing in line, you can again ask for something or read an akathist, a prayer. Holy Matrona is important to our pure hearts, sincerity, the desire to change for the better, then the soul will necessarily become easier, and the problem will be resolved in the best way.

What can I ask

There is a perception among people that every sainthas its own "specialization": some - heal, others - help with housing, and others - solve family problems. In fact, this is all a fallacy. All the saints equally help in certain situations, if we deal with deep faith. So is Mother Matrona. She helped everyone in life: sick, students, family, workers.

Therefore, the prayer to the holy Matrona for help canExalt any, regardless of the subject and scope of the problem. It should only be understood that praying is a good thing, but you also have to work yourself in the name of the execution of the petition. For example, if a person is looking for work for a long time and cannot find it in any way, he asks the Matron to help. Soon, in a miraculous way, he was invited to an interview and, by results, he was held in a good position. It would seem that a person did not make an effort, no longer ran in search. Just called him friends. But to pass an interview is already work, one's own efforts. On the other hand, there is a family drama where a husband and wife do not get along and marriage is about to collapse. The wife can not begin to treat her spouse normally. After the prayer to the Saint Matrona, she will still have to change her behavior, work on her mistakes.

In any case, giving your requests to God and the saints is also work on yourself, the desire to rectify the situation not only with help from above, but with your own strength where it is possible and necessary.

About 9 prayers to mother

Some people who honor the blessed have heardfrom each other about the 9 prayers of St. Matrona of Moscow. These prayers are divided by subject / category of need. In fact, almost every one of them is not canonical, that is, it is not approved by the Russian Orthodox Church. Therefore, it is better to read the prayer that is printed on the last pages of a booklet with an akathist or in the prayer book, blessed and allowed for printing, selling.

text of the prayer of the blessed Matrona of Moscow

The only way these prayers can help istell the novice how best to pray in your own words and what to ask for. But the real spiritual teaching can only be gleaned from those prayers that were composed by the ancient fathers of the church, beginning with the Lord’s “Our Father”.

In any of your requests, add the phrase at the end"But let it be like You, Lord, want, and not like me." When addressing the saints and the Mother of God, you can also add something like this: "But let everything be as God pleases, as it is useful and saving for us."

Prayers for children

During life and after death Matronushka helps everyonemothers who come to her with requests to save, cure, arrange the personal life of sons and daughters. The saint hears the heartfelt prayers of the parents and helps the children, comforts the parents.

There are several stories where the holy prayerMatrons of her son worked wonders: one mother had an adult son quit drinking and found a good job, another had a small child recovered from a fatal illness, and so on.

You can pray like this:first read the main prayer from the Akathist, and then mentally, standing in front of the icon, state their requests for the children. Mother will surely hear, no matter where her mother is, in Moscow at Taganka or in distant Siberia.

Often, mothers and fathers ask about the health of the child.The prayer to Saint Matrona will help calm down by the parents themselves, who are worried about the state of health of the children, and also will surely heal or at least alleviate the suffering. In addition, if there is a butter from the relics or the icon of the blessed old woman, then it is desirable to anoint the brow (forehead) and sore spots with a cross.

During her life, mother healed both children and adults.There have been cases when people possessed by possessed people were brought into her house. There is one vivid example: one woman’s son was obsessed, was in a mental hospital. Mother went to Matronushka to ask how to help her only child. Mother gave her holy water and ordered the guy to splash in the mouth, when orderlies will be taken out. Indeed, the young man was healed from obsession with an unclean spirit. After a short time he, in his right mind, was discharged.

Is it worth praying for well-being

Each of us wants everything in lifewas going well. But often you have to go through failures and losses. Every person always has good moments and unpleasant moments. If a person prays to God, the saints, the guardian angel, then he manages to avoid the tragedy, but this does not mean that he will be lucky everywhere. On the contrary, a believer can have much more problems. Only he believes that the Lord allows for good so that he will be strengthened in the faith, because after sorrow there is always real joy and the realization that everything has been resolved with God's help. Could be worse.

Prayer near the miraculous icon

Therefore, of course, it is worth reading every day.prayer to the holy matron for well-being. It is recommended to take the blessing from the priest, explaining the situation. Those who love and worship Matronushka often pray to her at home, come to the Pokrovsky Monastery whenever possible. She hears all our requests, helps in all matters. Well-being includes work, school, family life, one's health and loved ones, the financial side.

With family and everyday problems

People go to Matronushka to the Pokrovsky Monasterytheir troubles, needs and problems. The queue is almost always. Looking at the huge crowds, one can understand how strong she is in intercession before God. A saint helps in any matters.

The prayers of the holy Matrona about the family are lifted fromordinary believers daily. How many marriages break up, how many problems between spouses and with children. Someone has no dwelling of his own, and someone cannot arrange his personal life. And in those and in other cases refer to the intercessor before God.

The turn to the icon of the old woman Matrona

With family problems, you can read a prayer,ask for something in your own words and, if possible, read an akathist. In this song there is everything you need to understand how to ask and how to give thanks. There is such a tradition among some believers - standing in line to the relics or the icon, read silently akathist. Indeed, if time is spent with attention, understanding to whom and why you have come, relief will surely come, and grief will turn into joy. After all, the saints, as well as God, the Mother of God, it is very important that we “have sorrow hearts” (that is, turned our hearts to God with attention, and not absent-mindedly, do not think about something extraneous).

Currently, Russians and residents of someCIS countries have an acute housing problem: someone got married and does not have a home, someone’s apartment burned down, and someone “had the good fortune” to become deceived by fraudsters and be evicted. It would seem a hopeless situation. But one can endlessly list real stories where, through the prayers of the holy righteous blessed Matrona of Moscow, people miraculously received new housing or returned to their rightful apartment.

About health and healing

The gospel describes the cases of healing itself.Lord Jesus Christ hopeless sick and even dead. In this case, you can remember the holy righteous Lazarus. He was dead, and on the fourth day the Lord resurrected him. The holy apostles, not only the disciples of the Savior, but also those who lived later, the holy saints of God, were honored to have the gift of insight, they knew how to heal, resurrect. Matushka Matrona lived in the XX century. As you know, even before her birth, the Lord informed the mother that the baby would be holy. In life and after death, mother heals the sick, if they come with deep faith. It should only be remembered that illnesses are sometimes allowed by God for good, in which case relief may come, and not cure.

If you are ill or someone from your loved ones, youYou can offer a prayer to Saint Matrona for healing. But recovery or deterioration is the will of God, His holy dispensation. It so happens that a person is suffering in favor. Of course, Matrona can make this clear.

Woman's Prayer for the Conception of Matron

Despite this point of view, of course, abouthealth can and should be asked; in addition, you should definitely pray for spiritual health, for guidance on the true path and salvation of the soul from destruction. Often, people ask only for the earthly, forgetting that once the earthly life will end, and all that they have asked for, will be temporary. And you need to think about eternity. In the book about the life of the old Matrona, as well as in the appendix, where her instructions are set out, it is said that every person will have to pass an exam in ordeals after his death. Whoever did not care to prepare for a meeting with God, will be regrettable. And the God of sickness gives for enlightenment and purification of the soul from sins, if a person does not yet realize what is happening, how to live. And through suffering, the soul recovers. Therefore, miracles of healing from physical ailments do not always occur, not only after the prayer to Saint Matrona for health, but also to other holy righteous people.

Ask for healing, healing. Mother will surely hear. For the rest, trust in God. Someone is given to be healed immediately, but someone is given relief, remission.

Assistance in conception and during pregnancy

Many women in modern Russia cannotlong time to get pregnant. Often there is such a case: the spouses go around all the doctors, the couple are told that they are healthy, but for some reason it does not work. On the other hand, there are also those who have serious problems in the reproductive sphere, both with the husband and the wife. No matter how serious the diagnosis may be, you can hope for God. And the Lord sent us his helpers and intercessors: the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints. Mother Matrona helps all childless couples to become happy parents.

There are many cases and even those witnessed in some editions of books, as if through the prayers of the holy Matron on conception a miracle occurred - a long-awaited pregnancy.

Беременные женщины также очень часто по Opportunities visit the monastery, where the blessed relics rest. They are not afraid to stand for several hours at any time of the year in order to worship the holy old woman with warm prayer and hope, hope. Mother helps everyone, gives grace through herself from the Lord, blesses future mothers.

Strong prayers of the holy Matrona to the Almighty will surely help each spouse to become parents, bear and give birth to healthy children.

How else can you pray holy

Mother Matrona hears each of us whosincerely asks. A student before a very difficult exam when moving to the subway can mentally pray like this: "Blessed old woman Matron, help her pass the exam on a very difficult subject." When applying for a new job, you can also ask that the interview be successful, but everything must be the holy will of God. The fact is that work can be either dangerous or unfair, or the company may soon close. Therefore, before the interview it is better to just briefly ask: “Matushka Matrona, help me find a job.”

Of course, it is better to look at the icon or small iconblessed so as not to lose attention to prayer. Saint Matrona will surely hear and help. Only the situation may seem simple in the end, after a while the prayer will remember that a miracle happened.

icon of saint matron bead

Sometimes girls wanting something very importantfor example, marriages, or women seeking motherhood, can embroider, with the blessing of a priest, an icon with the face of an old woman. At the same time, one should constantly pray, keep fasting and, of course, attend services, confess and take communion. Often in the process of embroidery or at the end of miracles occur, petitions are executed. You can keep the icon for yourself or give it to your loved ones, donate to the temple.

With what to go to the Pokrovsky Monastery to Mother

The devotees of the holy Matrona say thatMother is better to go to the monastery with flowers, namely with roses. And the colors should be an odd number, as for living. But if you could not buy anywhere a suitable bouquet - do not worry. Bow and pray you can come empty-handed. It so happens that people, having received what they ask, go to thank the old woman with roses, carnations or chrysanthemums.

In fact, the main thing is the holy prayer.Matrona Moscow, and not bouquets. It should be remembered that in the walls of the monastery you must observe silence, not to talk. Women should be in long skirts or dresses, coats, men - in trousers. It is unacceptable to be in a monastery in defiant clothing. Also, there should be no makeup on the face, so as not to stain the glass of icons and relics.

The prayer of the holy matron for help is sure to beheard, if you will reverently treat the old woman herself, believe in what she hears and prays to God for sinners. Even if the requested is not fulfilled, you can not despair. Joy will certainly visit you when it is really necessary, useful and soul-saving.

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