/ Why you can not congratulate in advance on your birthday: legends and superstitions

Why you can not congratulate in advance on your birthday: legends and superstitions

People for all time of their existence came up witha lot of superstitions and take. It is considered, for example, that a birthday is not supposed to be celebrated ahead of time on pain of death. But why can not you congratulate in advance on your birthday? We learn that the magicians and psychics answer this question.

why you can not congratulate in advance on your birthday

Energy zeroing time

The birthdays of people are the period when they are reset to zeroand energy is renewed. People who study natural human biorhythms notice that it is at this time that the energy level of a person is very low. On this day the energy of the birthday boy is very, very weak. Energy passes through the stage of rebirth and renewal. One can trace a certain pattern. So, for example, many die in the month of their birth. Any strong emotions build channels between people and affect their energy. If at this time a person experiences negative emotions, then against the background of a weakened energy, a breakthrough of immunity is possible. And some, trying to answer the question why it is impossible to congratulate in advance with the birthday, explain that the angels will not hear desires and will not bring them to heaven. If you look at the dates of death of famous people, you can see that many of them did not live just a few weeks, days or hours before their birth, or left this world right after.

why you can not celebrate a birthday in advance

Why you can not celebrate a birthday in advance

Our very distant ancestors believed that the culprita holiday that decided to celebrate its day of birth, is visited not only by friends and living relatives, but also by the souls of long-abandoned relatives. In addition, there is an opinion that evil spirits come to the festival. And that they also celebrate their birthday, like the birthday boy himself. Souls of relatives go down to listen to wishes and bring them to God. It was believed that if you celebrate the day of the phenomenon before, the spirits can not get on it, which will upset them very much. And many of them can harm the birthday boy, and hurt so much that he may not live up to the date. It sounds far-fetched. But nevertheless, many do not congratulate in advance, continuing to believe in this legend.

can I congratulate in advance

And if you celebrate a little later?

Here, for sure, many people have a question:what to do to people who are "lucky" and they were born in a leap year, namely on a rare day - February 29? Can I congratulate in advance, later or should they wait for congratulations only once in 4 years? Some people are of the opinion that it would be better to celebrate the day of birth not on February 29, but later. And others say that it is necessary to celebrate as it happened, that is, every 4 years. Today everyone knows why it is impossible to celebrate a birthday in advance, but the absolute majority have forgotten that it is also not recommended to celebrate it later. At the present time, when the holiday falls on the middle of the week, there is a temptation to postpone it for the weekend. If you do it or not, it's personal. Like that, is it worth to believe in signs and legends. Our ancestors did not take to celebrate in advance no holidays. And this, in principle, is logical, as for the birthday. After all, congratulating the birthday boy, we congratulate him on the fact that he became a year older, and to do it in advance, that is, while he has not yet matured for a year, is simply illogical. Just as it is illogical to celebrate the New Year in advance, or Easter, or any other holiday.

do not congratulate in advance

Why can not I congratulate in advance with a birthday

Earlier due date birthdays are not acceptednote, and with this we have already figured out. But there is another superstition that says that the congratulation of a person is tantamount to evoking misfortune and trouble in his life. The Old Church Slavic beliefs on the question of why it is impossible to congratulate in advance with a birthday, say that if you express your wishes in advance, nobody will hear them. Since it is on the day of the birth of the souls of ancestors.

However, our ancestors celebrated more than a dayphenomenon on light, and name-day. The child was given a name by the holy fathers, and the real birthday often did not fall on the day of the patron saint. Therefore, all the beliefs that the souls of ancestors or angels descend from heaven are more likely to be attributed to the name-day, and not to the birthday. Of course, to believe in beliefs or not is a personal matter for everyone. There is no evidence that superstitions are working, nor is there evidence that they do not work. It's most logical to celebrate your birth day on the birthday itself, not transferring it to the weekend - sooner or later. It is not necessary to arrange a holiday on a grand scale. It's enough just to spend this day in a narrow circle of close friends and relatives, that is, the most expensive people, and even more so the parents who are the immediate culprits of the holiday.

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