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The Temple "Unexpected Joy" in the Marina Grove: the history of construction, shrines, worship services

"Unexpected Joy" - one of the most famousicons of the Blessed Virgin. It represents the victory over sin and reminds us of God's mercy. "Joy" here is called the Mother of God itself, so both words in the name of the icon are written with a capital letter. This icon is dedicated to the temple "Unexpected Joy", located in the Marina Grove. Where exactly, when was built and what shrines are here - learn from this article.

temple of unexpected joy

How it all began

In 1901, residents of the village of Maryina Grove inMoscow region began to think about building a church. At that time, these places were owned by Count Sheremetyev, who supported the charity work and donated land for construction free of charge. He entered the position of the inhabitants of Maryina Roshcha to have their own temple nearby and took a dry site for him on an elevation of 400 square sazhens.

History of the construction of the temple

A construction project was drawn up.According to him, the Sunday school was to be located in the church, and the church itself did not have an independent clergy and belonged to the Holy Trinity Church, located near the village of Ostankino. In 1903 it was decided that the temple "Unexpected Joy" would not be wooden, but stone. Since most of the buildings in the Marina Grove were of wood, people were simply afraid of possible damage to the church as a result of the fire. The architect of the project, N.V. Karneev, was the creator of the project and the main supervisor of construction. It was he who transferred the project to the Construction Department.

Here also difficulties began.The approval of the project was denied, the motivation for this decision was that the external appearance of the stone church-school is unseemly, and the projected section is allegedly composed incorrectly. Karneev tried several times to redo the drawings, while the construction of the temple had already begun without official permission.

By the end of 1903, the rough construction was alreadyready, but according to the report of the Moscow Uyezd Board, did not correspond with the presented drawings of the architect. The whole blame was a group of people led by TF Neschastnov, who at any price was in a hurry to finish the erection of the temple, even without regard for the opinion of the state. Serious problems arose, because it was impossible to approve the project because of the refusal of the Construction Department. The temple "Unexpected Joy" in the Marina Grove acquired the status of illegal construction, and this was fraught with demolition.

Then, hindsight, a newproject, already other architects - D. D. Zvereva and PF Krotov. In the beginning of 1904 the chief representative of the Construction Department, together with the diocesan architect, carried out a final inspection of the newly constructed building and found no doubt about its strength and stability. So the incident was exhausted.

the temple of the grove of groves is an unexpected joy

Consecration of the Temple

The "Unexpected Joy" Temple in the Marina Grove withthe moment of construction and to this day functioned without interruptions. His consecration took place on June 20, 1904, on a Sunday. After 6 years, in December, also dedicated altars were solemnly consecrated. As a result of Bishop Vasily Mozhaisky's divine service, the church began to be considered a three-table church. And in 1912 a new bell of the temple was consecrated, weighing more than three hundred poods.

The Temple of "Unexpected Joy" today

This temple is located on Sheremetyevskaya street,The nearest metro station is "Marina Grove". Nearby there are also Belorusskaya, Rizhskaya and VDNKh stations. House number - 33. With the naked eye you can see that the architecture of the temple is fully in the style of ancient Russian church buildings of the 17th century.

a temple of unexpected joy in a grove of groves

Here are some services that work at the temple today:

  • Sunday School.
  • Social service, which receives parishioners every Saturday.
  • The Church Library.
  • A youth organization called "Ladder".
  • service of parish counseling.

There is a close cooperation with the club "Phoenix"created to help young people with disabilities. In addition, the temple "Unexpected Joy" helps low-income families in the district and protects the rights of minors in court sessions.

What shrines are in the temple "Unexpected Joy"?

The main shrine of the temple is, of course, itselfIcon of the Mother of God with the same name. It was written in the 19th century and is carefully preserved here to this day. In addition, there is an icon with the relics of the Great Martyr Tryphon, as well as particles of the relics of other saints enclosed in an ark.

temple unintentional joy schedule

Schedule of services of the temple

Many services are held today by the temple"Unexpected joy." Their schedule is usually drawn up a month in advance, with which parishioners can get acquainted in the temple or on a special online portal. Here, morning and evening services are regularly held, confessions and Divine Liturgies, prayers and requiems are read. On holidays, the service includes reading the akathists, and on the eve of religious celebrations, the All-Night Vigil is held, with a confession.

It should be noted that the icon "Unexpected Joy"which is the main shrine here, the worshipers are very honored. To attach themselves to it, people come even from afar, and locals consider it their duty to visit the temple and bring fresh flowers to the icon.

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