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The name is Danil. The meaning of the name, origin, destiny and mystery

Indeed, the name is able to confer a personthose or other features. However, it would be not entirely true to say that, for example, all Nikolai have the same temper. In addition to the name, the time of the year, the day of the week and the constellation under which he was born affect the character of a person. And yet, after analyzing the information, certain conclusions can be drawn.

The mystery of the name

One of the popular male names is now the name Danil, or Danila.

Danil and Danila are different names
There is an opinion that Danil and Danila aredifferent names, but these are just variants of pronunciation. The name of Danil, whose origin and significance lead us deep into history, to distant Jordan, it was from that time that came into use (though in the sound of Daniel).

Many great people were called Danil, which means "God is a judge". Among the saints and generals there are many people with this name.

the name gave the value of the name
The first remaining in the annals was the Prophet Daniel,advisor to King Nebuchadnezzar. The wisdom of the prophet gave him tremendous power over the rulers, which led to the fact that Daniil, on the orders of ill-wishers, was thrown to the lions, but the animals did not touch him. His prophecies Daniel collected in one book, consisting of 14 chapters. Later in his conversations Jesus repeatedly turned to this scripture. The fate of the name Danil leaves an imprint on the fate of men named by this name, and affects their lives.

In outline

So, what to expect from a chosen one named Danila?First of all, you need to remember that this is a family man, who adores children. He will devote all his free time to them, which, incidentally, he does not have much. This is a very versatile personality. He has all the "male" hobbies - hunting, sports, fishing. Men who wear the names of Danil and Daniel will become a reliable support. They know how to make money, everything that is connected with entrepreneurship - their element.

the name denials origin and meaning
Danil is a very sociable person who knows how tofind the "right" people and build a strong relationship with them. The character of the name Danil is manifested in his diplomacy. If we add to this a highly developed intellect, perseverance and diligence, it turns out to be just an ideal man. To positive characteristics, you can add an excellent sense of humor, balanced psyche and steel will. Due to these qualities, Danil succeeds in almost every field of activity - from an engineer to an actor. He easily builds relations with his colleagues and with his subordinates. All the actions of Danil think through slowly, weighing every decision, so rarely makes mistakes. The same applies to the choice of a pair.

To be next to such a man, and somore, live a long and happy life in marriage, beauty is clearly not enough. To subdue Danilo, it's enough just to be yourself - open, sincere. The first thing he pays attention to is the woman's inner world, and the richer he is, the stronger will be the union.

Prohibition of lie

Do not just build relationships with those who arethe name of Danil. The meaning of the name is "God is my judge". Above all, truth is valued in a relationship. Danil is very sensitive to falsehood, deceit and lie does not forgive. In addition, Danila is a leader by nature, so it is difficult for him to reconcile himself with the excessive demands of his wife, which may well lead to a divorce. And even Danil's love for children will not help here, although after the divorce he will continue to take care of them not only to help them financially, but also to educate them.

A family

In dealing with children, Danil never raises his voice, tries to educate them in an atmosphere of trust, love and mutual understanding.

The family is always a lot of guests, Danil is a very sociable and cheerful person, his house is always open to friends. If the wife shares his hobbies and point of view, then the family will be friendly and strong.


The only thing that can make you nervous,this attitude to sex. Danila is afraid to show her feelings, because of what it may seem cold, but if he achieves spiritual harmony with his partner, then the sensations will be fabulous.

While Danya is small

What you need to know mom when she chooses a name forchild? Of course, the formation of character largely depends on the family and the influence of parents, but do not forget about the significance of the name Danil for the boy.

the names of Danil and Daniel
Children grow energetic and mobile, quicklyfind friends among their peers. Very attached to parents, their surroundings. In education, it is worthwhile to help the child develop self-confidence, the ability to say "no." Excessive kindness and responsiveness of a boy named Danila can be a reason for manipulation. Slightly understated self-esteem in the future may lead to the fact that an adult Danil will feel uncomfortable in a society of strangers. What can not only interfere with his career, but also lead to protracted depressions and nervous breakdowns.

Little Danila loves not only mobile games, he can be interested in any puzzle, only he does not like reading books.

The study will be successful only if Danil cope with his vigor and restlessness, although certain successes are guaranteed to him.

Season and its impact

It's not entirely true to say that Danil and Danila are different names. As well as the fact that all Danils are the same.

The character of a person named Danil, the meaning of the name born in the spring or autumn will differ materially from the character of the winter or summer Danil.

Spring Danil often is lonely, since to himit is difficult to find like-minded people who would share with him his flight of fantasy and illusion. As a result, disappointment in people and seclusion. Such a man is like a child. He is able to idealize others. A woman needs to be very patient and sensitive to stay close to such a dreamer. The days of the angel in the spring - 1,17 and March 31, April 20.

The meaning of the name Danil for a boy bornin the summer, looks like this. It is a practitioner with tremendous energy and an opportunist. The nature is artistic, but kind and sympathetic. He will like a woman with ambitions, able to inspire. Do not forget to congratulate Danil on the name day 4, 5 and 26 June, 23 July and 30 August.

A man born in the autumn and called itname, is a born leader. He is an egoist, he likes to be in the center of events. It's never boring with him. The couple tries to choose with an active lifestyle. The day of the angel at the autumnal Danil September 12 and 25, October 4 and November 25.

destiny of a name
And, finally, winter representatives bearing a nameDanila. The meaning of the name for this time of year is attachment to the house. They are homebodies, but they choose their wife very carefully. They live by the principle: "My house is my fortress". They are calculating, easily build a career due to analytical thinking, pragmatic, and are kind and open to communication. The saints are revered on 11, 12, 24 and 30 December and on 2, 3 and 12 January.

A Little Astrology

In addition to the time of the year, it is necessary to take into account the constellation under which Danila was born. Aries - charming and open to love, they know how to charm.

The life of Taurus is filled with passions, cheerful and cheerful Danil is always in the center of events.

Danil-Gemini lives today, he needs the same light and cheerful woman.

Gentle and calm Cancer appreciates warmth and fidelity, therefore it is surrounded by real friends.

Do not be bored next to Daniel, bornunder the constellation of Leo. He easily tries on a variety of images, and it is impossible to guess whether he is real or skillfully playing his role. Such men love the eyes.

Danil-Deva is secretive, it may even seem that he has absolutely no emotions, but in fact he really needs care and affection.

Scales - perhaps the most romantic nature. He lives in a world of self-deception and illusions, very often disappointed in his chosen one.

Rudeness is a trait not characteristic of men,which bear the name of Danilo. The meaning of the name for Scorpio differs from the meaning of other signs. They are prone to frequent changes in mood, in order to save a relationship with such a person, the chosen one must be very patient.

It will not be easy with Capricorn.Danil of this sign is real Othello. In addition, he does not hurry to make decisions, weighing every step, while remaining an adventurer, capable of sudden acts.

 danil which means
The meaning of the names of Danil for a boy born underconstellation of Aquarius, prophesies to its owner a life of uneasy, full of labor achievements. Aquarius Danil successfully goes to his goal, forgetting about rest, this sooner or later may affect his health, so the companion should give Danila a lot of attention and sometimes descend from heaven to earth.

The sign of Pisces rewarded Danil with the ability to extract profit from any situation and skilfully disguise it from others. He perfectly mastered the technique of seduction and uses it with pleasure.

Who should be avoided

Relations with a man bearing this name are worthavoid girls with names Olga, Anastasia and Tatiana. If, in the case of Anastasia and Olga, problems arise due to the fact that the couple can not decide which of them is the leader, then it will be simply impossible for Tatyana to restrain the storm of passion and jealousy that sooner or later it will end with a break in relations.

To the couple of Daniel and Natalia created a strong alliance, one of them will have to sacrifice something. It is unlikely that it will be Natalia.

Also there will not be a pair of Danil - Xenia. Xenia is very appreciative of her freedom, which she does not like for home Danil.

 the character of the name danil
The strongest will be the pairs of Danila with the girls who bear the names Anna, Julia, Ekaterina, Elena, Maria and Marina, Christina, Lyudmila. It is always an alliance of equal partners with common interests.

Great personalities

The name of Danil, whose origin and significancevery weighty in world history, were worn by many glorious rulers and generals. Suffice it to recall the great Prince Danilo Galitsky or Danil Dmitrievich Kholmsky, who won important for Russia victory over the Tatars.

Among the saints, the Prophet Daniel and Daniel Pereyaslavsky are most familiar to us.

Many famous people named Danil and among scientists, travelers and writers.

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