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Delicate lentil soup from Yulia Vysotskaya

Soup of lentils from Julia Vysotskaya is verytasty and nutritious. There are a lot of ways to prepare it. This dish can be made on chicken or beef broth, as well as using pork or lamb.

lentil soup from Julia Vysotsky

Today we will present you several options for how to prepare the simplest soup of lentils from Julia Vysotskaya.

Cooking a quick and delicious first course

To prepare lentil soup is not required to purchase expensive or overseas products. After all, this dish is made from simple ingredients that are available to everyone.

So what ingredients are needed to cook soup puree from lentils yourself? The recipe for this dish requires the purchase of the following components:

  • chicken breast refrigerated - 450 g;
  • lentils red or green (choose to taste) - about 200 g;
  • potato tubers - about 200 g;
  • onion bulb - 1 head;
  • celery (stems) - 2 pcs .;
  • carrots average - 1 piece;
  • pepper red and yellow (sweet) - 1/2 piece;
  • olive oil - about 2 large spoons;
  • salt cooked - apply to taste;
  • pepper minced fragrant - add to taste;
  • Lavrushki - 2 leaves;
  • fresh greens - apply to taste.
    soup puree from lentils recipe

We process the ingredients for the first dish

How should you cook soup-puree from lentils?The recipe for this dish requires careful handling of all components. To begin with, it is necessary to rinse the chicken breasts, clearing them of the skin. Then you should prepare the vegetables. Potato tubers are released from the peel, and then cut into several lobules. So do with bulbs, sweet yellow and red pepper, celery and carrots. At the very end, green or red lentils are spread in a sieve and washed strongly. If desired, this product can be kept in cold water for some time.

Soup cooking on the stove

Lentil soup Vysotsky Julia cooks in a largesaucepan. In it, it pours in enough water, and then brings it to a boil. After that, the washed and cleaned chicken breast is put into the liquid. Pre-season the bird, it is cooked over medium heat until soft. As a rule, it takes 35-47 minutes of free time. But this is on condition that you use a young soup bird.

After the meat broth is ready, into itdip potato tubers, sweet pepper, stalks of celery, laurel, red or green lentils and chopped sweet pepper. As for the chicken breasts, they are preliminarily removed, cooled, the fillets are separated from the bones, and then shredded into large cubes.

soup with lentils and beef

After laying all the ingredients in a pan, lentil soup from Julia Vysotskaya is cooked to the full softness of all the products (about 30-32 minutes).

Roasting vegetables

To make soup of lentils from Julia Vysotskaya turned outmore tasty and aromatic, it is recommended to prepare vegetable roast separately. To do this, take shredded carrots and bulb onions, and then spread them into a saucepan with olive oil. Pepper and seasoning the ingredients, they are fried until transparent. In the future, the vegetables are removed from the plate and cooled.

Making soup puree

Soup "Lentil with chicken", recipes of which mustTo be present in cookbooks of all owners, it is prepared rather easily. For this, the vegetables cooked in meat broth are removed from the plate and cool down a little. Then take a laurel from the pan and immerse the blender in the container. With the help of this kitchen device, all the ingredients are whipped at maximum speed. As a result of such actions, you should get a dish of a gentle puree-like consistency. After that, it is again put on the stove and slowly brought to a boil, if desired, adding those or other spices.

The final stage of preparation

After you have a tender soup-pureefrom chicken and vegetables, to him, in turn, first add the pieces of boiled chests, and then fried carrots and onions. Also in a pan spread the finely chopped greens. In this composition the first dish is again brought to a boil. Cook it for about four minutes, and then remove it from the plate, cover it and leave it aside (for 8-10 minutes).

Lentil soup recipes with photo

We serve delicious and tender lentil soup to the table

Do you know how Julia serves the first dish?Vysotskaya? Lentil soup, aged under the lid, is poured on deep plates, and then in a hot state is presented to family members. And in each portion of dinner is laid out not only a tender meat broth with whipped vegetables, but also pieces of chicken fillet.

In addition to this lunch, a slice of bread or independent cooked toasts is presented.

Make a delicious dinner of beef meat

How should you prepare the soup "Lentil"? Recipes from the photo of this dish are well known to the fans of Julia Vysotskaya. After all, she often cooks such a dinner, using different components.

In this section of the article we will tell you about how quickly and tasty to make a nutritious soup based on beef broth.

So, lentil soup from Julia Vysotskaya requires using the following products:

  • beef meat on a bone - 650 g;
  • lentils red or green (choose to taste) - about 170 g;
  • potato tubers - about 200 g;
  • onion bulb - 1 head;
  • carrots average - 1 piece;
  • olive oil - about 2 large spoons;
  • salt cooked - apply to taste;
  • tomato fresh - 2 pcs .;
  • pepper minced fragrant - add to taste;
  • Lavrushki - 2 leaves;
  • fresh greens - apply to taste.
    lentil soup with vintages

Preparing products for the first dish

Soup with lentils and beef will serve as an excellentlunch for the family. Preparing such a dish is much easier and simpler than what is presented above. After all, to make a regular soup, rather than mashed potatoes, there is no need to use a large variety of vegetables, which are then required to grind through a blender.

So, before you start cooking the first dishon the stove, you need to prepare all the components. To do this, thoroughly wash the beef on the bone, and then cut off all inedible veins from it. After this, they start preparing lentils. It is sorted out (if necessary), laid out in a sieve and thoroughly washed. If you have free time, this product is recommended for several hours in cold water.

Separately, fresh vegetables are processed.To do this, they are thoroughly washed and peeled. Potatoes are cut into cubes, carrots are rubbed on a grater, and the onion is cut into half rings. As for fresh tomatoes, they are scalded with boiling water, peeled and grinded in a blender.

Roasting vegetables

To make soup with lentils and beef turned outfragrant and had a rich taste, it is necessary to add fried onions. For this semicircle, the vegetables are spread in a pan with olive oil and cooked until transparent. At the end, it is salted, peppered and removed from the plate.

julia vysotsky lentil soup

We cook the first dish

After preparation of the components, they immediately startto their heat treatment. Beef meat on a bone is spread in a large saucepan, poured with water and set on a strong fire. After boiling the liquid from its surface, carefully remove the dark foam, add salt, cover the lid, lower the temperature and cook until the soft state of the meat product. This process can take you from 50 to 70 minutes.

Brewing beef, it is taken out and cooled.Then the meat is separated from the bones and coarsely chopped. As for the prepared broth, it is laid out carrots, laurel, lentils and potatoes. Also pour tomato gruel into the pot.

To taste, pepper and seasoning ingredients, cook themfor half an hour (if necessary, it can be a little longer). Having received a fragrant beef soup, previously cooked meat, fresh herbs and fried onions are added to it. In this composition the first dish is again brought to a boil. Then it is removed from the plate and left under the lid for 18 minutes.

Serve the delicious beef soup to the table

After the actions described above, you mustget quite a rich and very tasty red beef soup (by adding tomatoes). Having sustained it for a while under the lid, the dish is poured into plates and served to family members. If there is a desire, then such a meal is served with a spoonful of sour cream or cream. Also, they serve a slice of white or black bread.

Lentil soup with chicken recipes

Let's sum up the results

There is nothing in cooking lentil soupcomplicated. This is what Yulia Vysotskaya thinks. To make sure of this, it is necessary to prepare this dish yourself using the ingredients listed above.

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