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Goat's milk for a child: can or not?

One of the best childhood memoriesremains spent in the village at my grandmother or summer cottage. It is filled with sun, fresh fruits and vegetables, which adults tried to feed enough for the summer season, and the smell of fresh milk. Especially the goat's milk for the child was valued by the parents. It was considered and is now considered that it is more useful than cow's, since goats do not suffer from many of the diseases of cattle. In addition, in comparison, cow's milk completely loses goat on many characteristics.

Goat's milk for a child
Among the supporters and opponents of this productFor many years now there has been a debate on the topic: "Can a child be given goat's milk or not?" These disputes are based on the fact that it contains a large amount of fat, and their effect on health is ambiguous. In general, medicine is of the opinion that goat's milk for a child is more useful. Because it, in contrast to the cow, you can use steam, not subject to boiling. It contains more enzymes that help digestion, cobalt, which is part of vitamin B12, potassium, iron and magnesium.

Even in Ancient Greece for the benefit of goat's milkpointed out the myth according to which the god-thunderer Zeus, the strongest in the pantheon of the Greek gods, nourished with his milk the mountain goat Amalthea. Avicenna recommended the regular use of goat's milk in order to avoid senile senility later on. Swiss resorts have long used it in their courses of treatment of patients from tuberculosis (tuberculosis), anemia and rickets. They also fed weak children, because the content of a substance such as beta-casein, and nutritional properties of goat's milk is as close as possible to the female breast. Therefore, it is absolutely fearless to give goat milk to children up to a year.

you can give the child goat's milk
It is nutritious, well sated, contains simplya huge amount of useful substances that contribute to the growth and full development of the baby. It is also a powerful immunomodulator - a means to enhance the body's immunity. For a healthy child, this means that with the use of this milk, the risk of getting sick will decrease, and for the sick it will help to recover faster and overcome the disease.

In addition, goat's milk for a child is useful,since it contains a low amount of lactose - milk sugar, and this makes it available to people who suffer from a congenital intolerance to this substance and refuse to use cow's milk and its derivatives. Allergists consider goat milk hypoallergenic and recommend it to people who are allergic to cow's milk.

Goat milk for children up to one year
The only thing that stops many fromuse of such useful and indispensable goat's milk for the organism is its specific taste and smell. The fact is that it is more dependent on its taste characteristics from the diet of the goat that gave it than cow's milk. Therefore, people who are not fortunate enough to try delicious goat's milk for the first time, for long, and even for ever, refuse to use it, because they consider that it can not be pleasant to the taste. Therefore, before you give goat's milk to your child for the first time, make sure that it is not given by an old goat that has eaten something unappetizing. Then in the future your child will drink it with pleasure, and you will know that goat's milk for a child will certainly be useful.

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