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Biscuit cake is the secrets of delicate taste

Any tea party with family and friends can not do without delicious baking. And then the most delicious, but at the same time gentle and home-sweet dessert is a biscuit pie.

Such a pie can decorate not only the festivefeast, but also be an excellent addition to breakfast or the completion of dinner. A variety of cooking methods will allow you to choose an option that will satisfy any taste.

Biscuit Pie: Secrets of Cooking

Traditionally, there are three ways of cooking:cold and warm way, as well as a "five-minute" option. For them, almost the same set of products will be required when the finished test with a volume of 200 grams is released:

1. eggs - 4 pieces;

2. sugar - 2 tablespoons;

3. flour - 2 tablespoons.

Cold way cooking requires a good cooktraining. It is necessary to separate the yolks from the proteins, then pour ¼ of egg yolks into a separate bowl and whip. After adding ¾ of sugar and grind until a uniform white mass is obtained. Without ceasing grinding, add the remaining yolks to the resulting mixture and again achieve homogeneity. It should be borne in mind that the mass will increase in volume, and therefore, to prepare a biscuit, you should take dishes with high walls.

After the yolk mixture has been prepared withsugar, it is necessary to beat the proteins until the air mass is obtained. Further, the remainder of the sugar is added to the air mass and whipped again until a creamy mixture is obtained. Next, add a third of the protein mass to the yolk and mix well. After obtaining a homogeneous mass with care to enter the flour, avoiding the appearance of lumps. Bring the resulting mixture to uniformity, add the remaining 2/3 of the protein mass and again achieve an even test composition. The result is an air cake biscuit.

Warm way preparation is based on the use of waterbaths. For cooking it is necessary to pour eggs and sugar into a container placed on a water bath, the temperature of which is about 90-100 degrees. In this case, the process of mixing the components is carried out directly on the steam. Once the mass is heated to 50 degrees, it should be removed from the bath and cooled to a temperature of 20-25 degrees, whipping actively. After that, again, heat and cool in the above ways and add the flour, stirring thoroughly and avoiding the coagulation of the flour.

Biscuit cake, cooked in this way, it turns out more dense, but at the same time more friable. You can decorate it with both air creams and mastic.

The way "five-minute". Suitable for those who unexpectedly cameguests. For this, it is necessary to mix the eggs with sugar, introducing flour. After the homogeneous mass has turned out, introduce kefir (1 glass) and quench soda (1 teaspoon), again bringing to a uniform consistency.

Выпекать пирог, бисквитный корж которого prepared in one of three ways, follows at a temperature of 180 - 200 degrees in a gas oven or 200-220 degrees in an electric oven. The cooking time is approximately 25 - 35 minutes, while the readiness is evaluated using a wooden skewer at the very end of cooking.

Biscuit cake with apples - we cheer home delicious pastries

The most common name for this pie -charlotte. Her cooking does not require special culinary talents, and the process itself can be turned into a game, creating a cake with the children. Biscuit cake will require 7 eggs, 100-150 grams of sugar, as much flour (or 7 tablespoons with a slide), butter for oiling the mold, apples, cinnamon.

The dough is prepared in the "five minute" way, exceptthe introduction of kefir and soda. Next, the apples are divided into thin slices and put them into the oiled form with any pattern. The main condition - apple slices should fit tightly to each other. Next, pour apple apples with biscuit paste and put in for baking in the oven. Check whether a biscuit cake with apples is ready, it is possible only after half an hour. Until then, the oven is not allowed to open, otherwise the baking will settle and there will not be the airiness with which the biscuit differs.

Presented ways of making biscuitPies are great for making cakes and pastries. The main thing to remember is that in the dough itself you can add only fruits, and leave jams and cream for decoration and impregnation of already baked cakes.

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