/ Do I need to pasteurize milk and what is this product?

Do I need to pasteurize milk and what is this product?

As you know, milk is one of the favoritedrinks of children and adults, besides it is very useful. Drinking a day just a glass of milk, a person receives the necessary dose of amino acids, which are not synthesized by the body, but are necessary for its normal functioning. Milk contains vitamins and fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which contribute to the maintenance of immunity. But often there is a question about why to pasteurize milk, if it is already tasty and useful enough? The whole problem is that milk is a very favorable environment for the development of microorganisms, useful and harmful.

to pasteurize milk
Immediately after milking, milk has bactericidalproperties, which is a kind of protection and prevents the development and reproduction of microorganisms. But after a while bacteria in milk begin to develop quite intensively, so special treatment of the product is required to preserve its freshness and suitability for longer periods of time. To prolong the germicidal phase, the product is cooled, and then it is necessary to pasteurize the milk, boil or sterilize. Pasteurization is a heat treatment at a temperature below 100 ° C, which kills all living organisms in milk. When boiling, the spores of microorganisms also partially die, and sterilization completely destroys both living organisms and their spores. GOST of pasteurized milk states that pasteurization must be subjected to unfeltified milk with a corresponding density, titrated and active acidity. Pasteurized milk in the dairy industry can be either fat-free or with a different standardized fat content.
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Milk is sensitive enough tohigh temperature product. Do I need to boil pasteurized milk? When heated, some proteins undergo coagulation and precipitate, mineral salts also precipitate, vitamins are almost completely destroyed, the protein envelope of fats is split and the gases contained in it are volatilized. With increasing temperature of heat treatment, these processes are intensified. Therefore, if pasteurisation in milk already destroys all the inherent microorganisms, re-boiling is not required, since this can lead to a neutralization of the nutritional value of the product.

Often the question arises as to whether it is necessary to pasteurize milk at all?

In our country, the pasteurization of milk is a mandatory stage of any technological process for the production of dairy products.

whether it is necessary to boil pasteurized milk

Pasteurization is mandatory for the purpose ofensuring safety for the health of the consumer. Naturally, raw milk is much more nutritious, but it can serve as a source of pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, so it is highly discouraged to use it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to pasteurize milk at home, because this process requires special equipment to control the constant temperature for a certain time, so you need to resort to more severe methods of heat treatment (boiling), or to use only purchased certified dairy products.

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