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How to pickle tasty fat at home - several options

Pork fat is a traditional product of manySlavic peoples. Usually it is used in salted or smoked form, less often baked in the oven or boiled with spices. There are a lot of ways to tasty salo. Many families have their own traditional recipe, which is passed from one generation to another. Many of these recipes are simple enough to be used in practice, but there are also more complex options that presuppose the presence of certain skills and adaptations.

how to pickle tasty bacon
The easiest way, how to pickle tasty fat, -use only salt and garlic. In this case, in a few days, a wonderful product is obtained. Half a kilo of fresh fat (you can use podschevok) will need about 4 tablespoons. salt and garlic head. In addition, you need to take a clean dry glass jar (suitable for liter or a half-liter) with a tight-fitting lid.

Salo should be cut across into pieces about 4cm thick, each of them to roll in salt, then put in a jar, pouring the remaining salt and shifting the peeled, cut large garlic. A little mixture is left to pour to the top. After that, the can is closed and left in a cool room for 10-12 hours, then cleaned in a refrigerator. After another 12 hours, the fat will be ready, and you can store it for a month without taking it out of the jar. The only drawback of this method can be considered the need to cleanse the product every time before salt.

how to tasty salo
How to tasty pick salo in brine

This way of salting is good for the duration of storage.And for this it is not even necessary to use a refrigerator, just a cool room. Although it turns out so tasty that the issue of storage, as a rule, does not arise. Before salting the tasty fat, you should prepare the necessary products and dishes, then all to do without fuss. For 2 kg of bacon you need to take about 1.5 liters of water (clean or filtered), 6 garlic heads, salt and ground pepper to taste. You will also need an enamel saucepan, jars with lids and a chicken egg.

First clean the garlic and let it throughpress, and then prepare the fat. It is cut into pieces about 5 cm wide and rubbed with garlic, sprinkled with ground pepper. After that, it is laid out in jars (you do not need to compact it, there must be air between the pieces). In the pot, pour water, put an egg in it and add as much salt to the egg as it begins to float, after which it is removed and used for other purposes.

tasty saline in brine
The brine is boiled, then cooled to room temperature, poured into cans, closing them with lids. Salo is put in a cold place. You can consume it in 3 days.

How to pickle tasty bacon boiled

In this form it turns out to be very gentle, soThe recipe is ideal for those who do not like hard fat. It takes surprisingly little time to prepare it, and the ingredients will be, as always, the simplest. For a pound of fat, take 3 tablespoons of salt without a slide and a bay leaf. In order to make it excellent not only for taste, but also for color, you can still use onion husks. Before salting the tasty fat on this recipe, the husks are washed, poured with water and brought to a boil. Then the water is salted, put the bay leaves and lard. Cook it for about 15 minutes, after which it is removed, cooled and stored in the refrigerator.

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