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Making cakes, or How to create a sweet masterpiece?

Any holiday, be it a birthday, weddingor just a family celebration, can not do without the sweet. Regardless of whether you buy a sweet masterpiece or do it yourself, decorating the cakes should impress the guests.

cake decoration

Perhaps, for a start, it's worth saying that any cakemust be excellent to the taste, so that then the chic appearance is not spoiled by unsightly stuffing. Cakes can be decorated in completely different ways. The easiest way is to powder cocoa, sugar powder, grated or melted chocolate, nuts or simply grated grater for cake. These ways of decorating in a hurry, and "mouth-watering" they can not be called. So you need to find some other option.

You need to choose the layout depending on thethe one to whom the cake is intended. If it is the head of a prestigious company, then the design should be sustained in a business, strict style. If it's a girl, then it's appropriate to include flowers in the design, but for children's cakes you can use any fantasy idea. Cakes, decoration, photo of the final result can be found on the pages of any confectionery site.

Ways to decorate cakes

cake decoration

  1. Cream decoration is pretty simple, but at the same timeTime is a very beautiful way of decorating a cake. To do this, prepare the cream. Divide into several parts, and color them with different food colorings. Then, using a syringe, decorate the cake with roses, leaves, various curls and waves.
  2. Any cake can be beautifully decorated with fruit. And, not just scattering them on the top, but turning them into works of art, cutting them into slices, cutting out balls from them, making stairs and baskets.
  3. You can beautifully decorate cakes with flowers, both real and made from glaze or marzipan.
  4. The design of hand-made cakes will look goodpainting. To do this, prepare a sketch of the drawing on the tracing paper, and then transfer it to the glaze covering the cake and painted with confectionery gels. For simplicity, you can use a stencil, as well as figured stamps, which can be of any shape, even in the form of little animals. Such stencils are very convenient for creating children's cakes.

cakes decoration photo

Making cakes with mastic

Separately it is necessary to highlight the design of cakesmastic - this is aerobatics. There are several types of mastic: sugar, condensed milk, marshmallow. These types can be prepared by hand. Professional mastic can be purchased only in a specialized store. Mastics are decorated with cakes, most often sponge cakes, which are first invented, and then cut out on paper and make a pattern. You can take the cardboard and make from it a mock cake. This is necessary in order to correctly calculate the size of the mastic. The design of cakes must begin with their preparation, so that the mastic from them does not "run away." Most often for this, the cake is covered with oil cream and sent to the refrigerator to cool the cream, and then grind, giving a perfectly flat surface using a dry hot knife. After that, the table is sprinkled with starch and the mastic is rolled into it in a 0.5 cm thick layer, with a diameter so that the cake is completely covered with it. Lay the mastic on the culinary work and gently level with hands covered with starch. Excess mastic is cut with a knife at a distance of 2 cm from the cake, and the tail is wrapped under a cake. It remains only to decorate the masterpiece from above at will.

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