/ How to pickle salmon. One of the best snacks

How to pickle salmon. One of the best snacks

Salted salmon can become an ornament of anytable. This is one of the best snacks. But it is not necessary to buy the finished product. This article tells you how to pickle salmon at home. To do this, do not be a classy chef, and this process does not require special ingredients. There are several ways how to pickle salmon. It can be lightly salted or more salty, for every taste.

How to pickle salmon

Take a salmon fillet, about 0.5 kilograms.Also, you need to prepare 6 tablespoons of large salt tablets, half the sugar, one spoonful of black pepper and a bunch of chopped parsley. Now mix all the ingredients. We wash the fish and dry the moisture using a towel. Now take the container (sudok) and lay out the fish in it. Put the skin down. We fall asleep salmon the prepared mix. We put in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Then the fish should be rinsed with salt. Again, we put it in the boat and put it in the refrigerator. After 8 hours you can eat.

How to pickle salmon at home

Here's a slightly modified way of howsalinize the salmon. We take 1.5 kilograms of fish. If it's a carcass, then we cut it, removing the bones and skin. Now we are preparing the mixture for pickling. Mix 40 grams of salt, 60 grams of sugar and 10 grams of ground pepper. With this mixture we rub the fish from all sides. A bunch of parsley and dill is cut finely. We fall asleep on top of the fish with greens. Now wrap it in paper or foil. We put it under the press for two days. After this period, the salmon will be ready. Fish is obtained in moderation of salted, salted and deliciously tasty.

And, finally, another recipe for salting salmonwith oranges. This fruit neutralizes the smell of fish. Therefore, this recipe is suitable for those who are confused in such dishes aroma. We take the fillet of salmon. If we have to carve a carcass, we leave the skin. Also you need two succulent and large oranges, about two teaspoons of peppercorns, half a teaspoon of white pepper, 1.5 tablespoons of sugar and a laurel leaf, 4 tablespoons of large salt.

Saline salmon

In order to fully reveal the aroma of pepper,it must be crushed with a knife. Cut the orange very thinly. The bay leaf must be broken. Fille put in a container and sprinkle with salt, sugar, bay leaf and pepper. From above, we cover completely with circles of oranges. We close the container and put it in a cold place for two days. Before eating fish for food, it must be cleaned of salt and cut into slices.

There is another unusual recipe. Cut the salmon into thin slices and add it to the container. Lay the layers with salt, spices and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Some cooks recommend adding atcooking cognac fish. Salt the salmon as follows. The fillets are laid out in a container. And then water it with a small amount of cognac. It will give the fish an unusual flavor. Then sprinkle the salmon with sugar, salt and spices. We wrap the fish in foil and send it to the refrigerator. It will be ready in 1-3 days. It all depends on the thickness of the pieces.

Now, knowing how to salivate salmon, you can prepare a great snack for any table.

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