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Children's cake for girls with their own hands

At that happy moment when your childthe year will come, you will definitely want to celebrate it. There will be a question: "Whether the oven is a cake for children (for girls and boys it can be decorated differently) with their own hands?" Let's say at once - one meal for adults and kids will not work. Therefore, it is better to buy for yourself and your friends an ordinary delicacy, and for kids to buy children's cakes. For girls (photo shows a variety of types of decor) decorations in the form of flowers or dolls will do. Let's first try to bake a delicious gift for a one-year-old child.

children's cake for girls

Baby cakes for a year girl

This age implies that the childYou can not eat chocolate, as well as other products that are usually put in baking. In addition, there is always a risk of allergies. But this does not mean that a cake for children for girls and boys can not be tasty and beautiful. Take 400 g of any baby cookies (purchased or, if you prefer to bake it yourself, home) - it will replace the dough. For the cream you need a few packs of cottage cheese, whipped with sour cream and sugar. Cookies should be soaked in milk (make sure that it does not creep away) and put it in several rows. After spreading cream, spread the next layer. You can also put pieces of banana between the layers (this is the safest and hypoallergenic fruit) or a populated apple. You can decorate with cookie crumbs and fruits.

baby cakes for a year girl

Cake for children

Children of school age can eat almost everythingproducts, which indulge themselves adults, so for a child of about ten, you can bake a cherry-cream cake on the basis of a biscuit biscuit "wife". You will need: a cup of flour with a spoonful of starch, half a cup of sugar, 4 eggs (warmed to room temperature), 30 g of butter and 1/4 tsp. salt. The cake, from which you will make a children's cake for girls, it is better to bake the day before smearing.

baby cakes for girls photos

Biscuit "wife"

It turns out to be very gentle and unusual, which means,like even the most capricious children. This type of biscuit is prepared with the addition of butter, whipping the warmed eggs without dividing into yolks and protein. Due to its dense consistency, it fits well with any impregnation, and is also very tasty in itself. Also, it can be baked in advance and, wrapped in a film, freeze (previously completely cooled). Melt the warm (but not hot) oil in the beaten eggs with flour. The egg mixture is prepared by continuously whisking for ten minutes. It is desirable to maintain a constant temperature. To do this, set the container in which you beat the eggs, into a large bowl with warm, almost hot water. Insert flour in small portions. After cooling (the cake is baked for 20 minutes and cooled for two hours), cut the biscuit into three pieces, soak it with sugar syrup.

Cream on kissel

Defrost 0.5 kg of frozen cherries.From the strawberry juice, cook the jelly with cinnamon. Separately, cook the same amount of thick jelly with cocoa (one tablespoon of chocolate powder and starch). Spread the cakes alternately with two kinds of chilled kissel, shifting cherries with berries. Your little princess will be delighted!

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