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Useful green cocktail: cooking recipes

Green cocktail, the recipe of which includesa lot of different fruits, vegetables and herbs, is designed for those who watch their health and appearance. One of the first creators of such unusual drinks was Victoria Butenko, who claims that they can permanently rid people of insomnia, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, etc. Just one glass of this magic potion adds extra energy, strength and significantly improves metabolism.

green cocktail recipe

Also Victoria Butenko, recipes of green cocktailswhich will be presented below, assures that such healthy drinks, rich in vitamins and vital microelements, can be drunk at absolutely any age and with any diet. They are so tasty and varied, and also surprisingly easy to manufacture, that they easily fit into the rhythm of each person's life.

Butenko's green cocktails: recipes and the basic principles of their preparation

Before I present you the ways to createtasty and nutritious drinks, it is worth noting that almost all of them are made in a blender with sharp knives. In addition, in the preparation of such cocktails, the principle of rapid mixing of ingredients is particularly important. Components of drinks can be invented by yourself. At the same time, a useful green cocktail, the recipe of which is surprisingly simple, does not require the use of outlandish and overseas products. On the contrary, the closer fruits, vegetables and plants grow to your place of residence, the faster and easier they assimilate and give more benefit to the body.

green cocktail butenko recipes

Green Cocktail: Recipe for cooking with fresh ingredients

  1. A bunch of green salad (you can take any variety:dark-leaf, light, etc.), 1/3 of a large bunch of dill, 1 glass of chilled boiling water and 2 ripe bananas. All ingredients should be washed, cleaned, if necessary, put into a blender and mix for 1-2 minutes. As a result, you should get about 2 glasses of a healthy drink. All other cocktails are prepared on the same principle.
  2. Average bunch of green salad, freshly picked sorrel, chilled drinking water and ripe banana.
  3. Leaves of green salad, sprigs of dill, celery, red tomatoes, fresh cucumber and drinking water.
  4. Green salad, sour green apples, fresh sorrel, ripe banana, drinking water or freshly squeezed natural juice.
  5. Freshly picked leaves of nettle, twigs of parsley, ripe bananas, drinking water or natural juice.
    victoria butenko recipes green cocktail
  6. Green lettuce leaves, 1 glass of red grapes, 1 small orange, ripe banana and chilled boiling water.
  7. Stalks of celery, 2 cups of any fresh berries (do not use frozen), ripe banana and drinking water.
  8. Medium-sized pineapple, 1 large mango, Romaine lettuce and a small piece of ginger.

It is also worth noting that the green cocktail,the recipe of which provides for the use of only fresh products, does not have the exact number of those or other components. This is due to the fact that they should be added to the blender bowl solely to taste and inner sensations. Only in this way will you make a nutritious and tasty drink that will suit your body most of all.

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