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Delicious and sweet apple pasta: at home, the recipe for cooking

Apple pastille, at home recipethe preparation of which is discussed below, is done long enough. However, all the time spent on the product is ultimately fully justified. After all, as a result of long-term drying of fruit puree, you will definitely get a very tasty and useful treat. And to make sure of this, let's present a detailed description of how this sweet product is made.

apple pastilla at home prescription

Apple pastille: at home, a recipe for step by step cooking

Required products:

  • sand sugar - 200 g;
  • sweet apples "Antonovka" - 2 kg;
  • filtered drinking water - 150 ml.

Choosing the right product

Deciding how to make apple pastille, you shouldbuy sweet apples. We will use the "Antonovka" brand product. After all, it is such a fruit that has the necessary firmness and the taste that is necessary for future delicacies.

Apple pastille at home (reciperather simple) is prepared with the use of only fully peeled fruit. To do this, all products need to be washed, and then take off their skin and remove the seed box. This procedure will greatly facilitate the process of preparation of mashed potatoes, because there will be practically no cake in it.

Heat treatment of fruit
how to cook apple pasta

In addition to fruit, the recipe for cooking pastillesapple provides for the use of components such as granulated sugar and ordinary drinking water. These ingredients should be added to the peeled and finely chopped apples, and then mix well and set aside for 35-55 minutes. After that enameled dishes with fruits should be placed on a gas stove and gradually brought to a boil. Next, the mass must be cooked until the apples are boiled and begin to "puff" from lack of moisture.

Forming of pastille

That the future delicacy turned out to be thin andwell dried in an oven, a puree of fruit should be applied a little layer on parchment paper for baking or a culinary sleeve. After this, the formed product should be placed on a baking tray and sent to a cold oven.

recipe for apple pastille

Drying the product

Apple pastille must be dried in an ovenon the weakest fire, otherwise it can burn out. The time of preparation of such a treat entirely depends on the layer of what thickness the mass was laid out on parchment paper. If very thin (up to 3 millimeters), then it should be dried about 5-6 hours, if it is thicker (5 to 10 millimeters), then 2 times longer.

The final stage of preparation

Apple pastille at home, recipewhich is presented above, is considered fully cooked after it starts to depart well from the culinary paper. To further the product does not stick, it is desirable to lubricate its surface with oil (vegetable). Next, the pastille must be cut with a sharp knife into long strips, rolled into a roll and tied with strings. After that, apple treat should be put in a plastic bag and placed in the refrigerator. In this condition, fruit pastilles can be stored for up to a year and a half.

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