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How to cook lentils for garnish: the most delicious recipes

Despite the fact that the lentils are veryuseful and nutritious product, today it is not so often found in our lunch menu. However, our ancestors - like the poor and peasants, and the rich and noblemen - paid tribute to the dishes from this variety of legumes. By the way, in pre-revolutionary times, Russia occupied the first place in the world for the production of lentils. Meanwhile, these legumes are one of the best sources of vegetable protein, which is especially important if you keep church fasts. So, today we decided to offer you several options for how to cook lentils for a garnish. If you want to diversify your menu with a very useful and tasty product, be sure to use one of the recipes.

how to cook lentils for garnish

Lentil red: recipes

Garnish from this variety of legumes is obtainedtasty, nutritious, hearty and certainly have to taste all home. So, to prepare the second dish from lentils, we need the following products: a pound of red lentils, one and a half liters of water, one carrot and onion, a couple of spoons of tomato sauce or pasta, a teaspoon of turmeric, a pair of cloves of garlic, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, dried herbs parsley and zira.

Cooking process

Boil the water, fill it with lentils and cook 15minutes on a small fire. At the same time fry in vegetable oil pre-grated carrot and garlic, as well as finely chopped onions. Then add spices and tomato sauce, mix and remove from heat. Passevkurova add to boiled lentils, salt and simmer on low heat for a few more minutes. Delicious garnish ready! It will perfectly match both with meat dishes, and with a vegetable salad. This option of how to cook lentils for a side dish is very easy and fast and will suit even beginners mistresses. Bon Appetit!

how to cook lentils in a multivariate

Garnish recipe from green lentils

We bring to your attention one more recipe fromthis kind of legumes. This garnish of green lentil in combination with pasta is of Egyptian origin and is distinguished by its magnificent and rich taste. So, to pamper yourself and your loved ones with such a dish, we first need to prepare the following ingredients: 200 grams of green lentils, 200 grams of pasta, 700 grams of tomatoes (can be taken fresh or canned), three onions, garlic cloves, vegetable oil, Salt, pepper, cumin, turmeric and coriander to taste. From this number of products you can prepare four portions of the dish.

Fill the beans with water at the rate of two glasseswater for one glass of lentils and boil for 40 minutes over low heat. We warm in a small saucepan or pot one tablespoon of oil and pour the crushed seeds of coriander and cumin, fry them for a few seconds. Then add the boiled lentils and mix. Onion cut into half rings and fry in a frying pan with four tablespoons of vegetable oil until golden. Add a teaspoon of sugar to the onion, increase the fire and continue to fry, stirring constantly, until it is crisp and brown. Then put it on a paper napkin or towel so that excess fat is absorbed. We heat in a frying pan two tablespoons of butter and add finely chopped garlic, turmeric, tomatoes, slightly salted and cook for about 10 minutes on a small fire. We should have a slightly thickened sauce. On pre-cooked pasta on top lentils, then tomato sauce and crispy onions. You can also sprinkle the dish with parsley or cilantro. This was another option for how to cook lentils for garnish. Be sure to try this delicious and healthy dish!

how to cook porridge from lentils

How to cook lentil porridge

This dish can be very useful to you, if youkeep fasting, since such porridge is very nutritious and contains the necessary amount of plant proteins. So, to prepare this dish, we need the following ingredients: a glass of red lentils, a bunch of cilantro, dill and parsley, a half glass of water, a bulb, two cloves of garlic, salt and vegetable oil.

Cooking process

Lentils are filled with water and after boiling, cookon a small fire until ready. At this time finely chop the greens. Finely chopped onion fry in vegetable oil until it turns golden, and add the garlic. To the onions and garlic, add the finished lentils and fry for a minute. Then in the porridge pour the chopped greens, salt, mix and let it brew under the lid for a quarter of an hour. Delicious lean dish is ready!

lentils red recipes garnish

Lentil in the Multivariate: recipe

If you are a lucky ownerlike a kitchen appliance, you probably know that it can cook a whole lot of different dishes. This is soups, porridges, and pastries. Further we suggest to learn how to prepare lentils in a multivariate. If you decide to treat yourself to the delicious side dish from this type of legumes, then you will need the following ingredients: a multistakan of red lentil, a medium-sized bulb, 2.5 multi-cups of ordinary water, carrots, salt, black pepper, vegetable oil.

garnished with lentils green

Cooking process

We clean and finely chop the onions.Turn on the "Baking" mode and fry onions for about five minutes in vegetable oil, stirring constantly. We clean carrots, rub it on a grater, add to roasting onions and cook for another 10 minutes. Rinse the lentils in cold water and add to the fried vegetables. Fill with water, salt and pepper. Stir, close the cover of the multivark and set the mode "Buckwheat". Very soon the tasty and nutritious side dish will be ready.

Today we gave several recipes for howcook lentils for a side dish. However, this variety of legumes can also be an independent dish. For example, many people like soups made of lentils. As a rule, they are prepared in the form of puree, adding tomatoes, peppers and a variety of seasonings. These dishes contain few calories, but at the same time are very hearty and tasty. Therefore, people who are watching their figure, they certainly will like.

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