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how to properly salivate salmon

Salmon is a representative of the salmontypical fish of the salmon family. It is widely used for cooking home dishes, as well as for gourmet dishes. Light, very tasty meat will taste to any fishy gourmet. Usually in restaurants they buy fish entirely, and then they cut into steaks, so it goes out better and cheaper. Also, we advise skilled skeptics and housewives who want to pamper their household with tasty and healthy food. However, before you start cooking fish, it should be disassembled.

If you do not know how to properly separate the salmon, this article is for you.

  1. Naturally, the first stage is primaryprocessing of fish. It is to cleanse the scales. Like any other fish, scales are removed with a sharp knife in the direction from the tail to the head. After a well washed and checked for unnoticed scales. This is a very important stage, on which the taste qualities of cooked fish depend to a large extent.
  2. Then cut the abdomen. This must be done by one smooth movement from the tail fin to the base of the head of the fish.
  3. At the next stage, we clean the fish's interior.If you previously cleaned other varieties of fish, you will not have any difficulties. Pay special attention to caviar (if available). Try to carefully remove it, tk. it can be useful in the future to prepare a variety of delicious dishes. Do not forget to remove the film that covers the abdominal cavity. If it remains or does not completely disappear, the taste of the prepared dish will have bitterness.
  4. Rinse and proceed to remove the head. After cutting the fins, as well as the tail. For simplification, cut the flesh, then the fin is easy to pull out.
  5. The final stage will be cutting the carcass into portions or individual steaks.

Purified fish can be used forcooking fish dishes. And you can salivate, though, many do not want to do this because do not know how to properly salivate the salmon. To begin with, we'll sort out the fillets, or rather we'll make individual steaks from portions of chicken.

For the preparation of 2 fillets we cut a piece into2 parts, with the spine remaining with one of the sides obtained. Using a special knife, cut a thin layer of bone together with a layer of meat. This procedure is done for both the ridge and the ribs. A prerequisite for a true performance is a thin, flexible and very sharp knife. We also cut off all excess from the base of the abdomen, and from the backrest an extra fat strip. With a slight movement of the hand, cut the peel, make sure that the same fish skin remains intact. That's how we got 2 loin parts.

Now we learn how to salivate the salmon properly. We offer a few simple recipes for those who wish to cook a lightly salted fish at home.

  • You can salt the fish with a large salt, usesea ​​or usual at its discretion. Leave for 1,5-2 hours. After a quick rinse, mind you do not wash, and it washed off, a little pepper, add the spices if desired and you can bring to the table. As you can see, right pickle salmon is not difficult.
  • We offer one more cooking recipe.If you are not yet confident in your culinary skills and do not know exactly how to properly salivate the salmon, use the method suggested below. For cooking, take a piece of fish closer to the head to make it fatter. If you want more lean meat, take it near the tail. We rub this piece with salt, it can be shallow or large, there is no difference. The main thing is how much the fish will absorb and sprinkle a little from above. Meat wrapped in cotton cloth, put in a bag of cellophane. For a day leave in the kitchen or other room with room temperature. The next day, do the same procedure and leave for another day. Ready lightly salted fish can be stored in a cool place.

Here are simple recipes for properly salting the salmon. Create your culinary works with us. Share your knowledge about how to properly salt salmon, with your loved ones and friends.

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