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Hiroshima - cocktail for inspiration and mood. Sunrise and Negroni - cocktails with an invigorating effect

Cocktail is a drink that includesseveral components. Cocktails can be both alcoholic and light tonic drinks. The word cocktail comes from the English expression "cock tail", which means "cock tail", because of the colorfulness of the drink. To date, in any bar, at every disco, cocktails are an integral part of the party. Let's consider in more detail some popular combined drinks and ways of their preparation.

Hiroshima - a cocktail of several layers.It was named because of the appearance, which resembles a nuclear explosion. It was invented by Russian bartenders, since only they thought up such an "explosive" composition of the cocktail. It consists of: anise liquor Sambuca - 20 ml; creamy Baileys liquor - 20 ml; absinth - 10 ml; syrup Grenadine - a couple of drops.

The technology of making such a drink asHiroshima, (the cocktail simply must have clearly separated layers) is that you need to carefully pour one drink after another, otherwise it will not work out the desired effect.

First, pour 20 ml of Sambuki molinari into a glassfor short cocktails - shot, then gently around the edges of the stack (using a knife or an inverted teaspoon) pour bailis, it forms a second layer. After that, also gently fill in the absinthe. A couple of drops of grenadine are poured in the end. Slowly sinking to the bottom of the stack, the grenadine creates the illusion of a nuclear explosion. Everyone remembers that Hiroshima is a cocktail with an explosion association, hence we need fire. Light the absinthe, lightly moisten the tube, quickly insert it into the pile and immediately pull it into yourself.

That's it, Hiroshima's drink! Cocktail acts like a bomb, it's true already in the body. Wait for the fireworks in your head. Drink for fans of endless movement. Full break!

Sunrise - cocktail favorite among visitorsbars and discos. Was invented in Mexico, in 1930 during the dry law. For its almost 85-year history, the composition of the cocktail has changed more than once. The popular popularity of this drink was brought to all by the famous Rolling Stones. The musicians preferred this cocktail, traveling all over America with their concerts.

The name of the drink came from an unusualappearance. The combination of pomegranate syrup, tequila and juice creates bright colors, reminiscent of the color of dawn. The composition of Sunrise (cocktail movement) includes: tequila - 40 ml; fresh orange juice - 90 ml; pomegranate syrup - 15 ml. Decorate the cocktail with a slice of orange or cherry.

The method of preparation is very simple.In a glass of Heiboll put ice 5 to 6 pieces, pre-breaking them, add tequila, then pour in fresh orange juice. When adding a grenadine, which gradually settles in a glass, a sensation of dawn is created.

Negroni - this cocktail was coined in 1919in Italy. When visiting one of the bars in Florence, Count Camillo Negroni turned to the barman with a request to slightly change his favorite Americano cocktail, since he did not get drunk. The barman replaced the soda with a gin, and instead of a lemon slice put an orange grape in the glass. The new staff liked the Count so much that even at his social gatherings he asked bartenders to add gin to the American. So there was a new cocktail Negroni. It is not difficult to cook it.

The structure of Negroni includes 30 ml of gin, 30 ml of bitter Campari, 30 ml of red vermouth. As a decoration use a slice of orange.

Pour into the shaker with ice all the ingredients forcocktail. Mix thoroughly, pour into a glass of ice cocktail and decorate a slice of orange. There are several more variations of Negroni. Cocktail in Italy, for example, is made from vodka (instead of gin) and called "Negroes". Sparkling Negroni is poured into martini glasses, adding wine or champagne. Such a drink guarantees a great mood and will decorate with the appearance of any party.

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