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Useful properties and caloric content of cherries

Probably, there is no such person on earth whowould not know a cherry. This fruit plant can be found almost anywhere, as it is rather unpretentious. This berry is very tasty and people eat it in absolutely any kind: fresh, dried, frozen. Also from it make compotes, jam, wine, jam, add to pies. By the way, the relatively low caloric content of the cherry allows it to be consumed by those who watch their figure or diet.

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A bit of history

Cultivated cherries a very long time, perhaps evenbefore the appearance of writing. First, people who lived in the Mediterranean learned about it, a little later she got to the Caucasus and Persia. Already in the I century, this plant was recognized by the whole of Europe, and everywhere it began to grow. Ancient people not only ate cherries, but also treated many diseases.

Vitamins and minerals contained in cherry

A truly rich mineral and vitaminthe composition has a cherry. Its caloric content is small at this, only 52 Kcal per 100 grams of product. This berry contains vitamins C, PP, E, A, H, and also group B. Organic elements, pectins, natural sugar, starch, carbohydrates and minerals such as iodine, chromium, copper, iron, chlorine, potassium, boron , calcium, zinc and many others contained in the cherry, help us less often to get sick and slower to grow old.

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Useful properties of cherries

The curative properties of this plant were knownpeople already in antiquity. They used fruits and cherry leaves not only for the treatment of diseases, but also made cosmetic products from them. Thanks to the acti-oxidant activity, the fruits prevent cell aging, strengthen the capillaries and reduce high blood pressure. They also have an excellent prophylactic effect, reducing the likelihood of oncological diseases.

Caloric content of cherries

Since almost all berries have a smallcaloric intake, they are advised to use it for people with excess weight. Cherry, by the way, is no exception. The one who eats it, first, enriches its body with a lot of useful substances, and secondly, it does not gain unnecessary kilograms. Today, frozen or dried cherries are very common. Caloric content is slightly different from fresh, so if you stick to a diet, you can safely eat it in any form. Cherry juice, in turn, improves digestion and removes excess fluid from the body, it is also advised to drink to people who suffer from constipation.

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Diet with the addition of cherries

Low calorie cherry allows you to add this product to the diet of the diet menu. The best option will be its use in the evening. Below is a sample menu:

Breakfast: tea with a spoonful of honey, a slice of cheese or low-fat cottage cheese.

The second breakfast: biscuit and cherry juice.

Lunch: vegetable soup, a slice of lean ham or boiled meat, tomato.

Snack: toast and green tea with lemon.

Supper: cherry or cherry juice.


As you know, any product, regardless of its owncurative qualities and properties, can not be equally useful for everyone. Despite the low calorie content of cherry, they are contraindicated for those who have stomach diseases or diabetes. All tinctures and wines should be prepared without the addition of seeds, since it is in them accumulates hydrocyanic acid, which can cause severe poisoning.

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