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Chocolate Fondue at home - not only an exquisite treat, but also a joy of communication

A popular treat in combination with a fascinatingentertainment is becoming more and more in demand both at banquets and gala dinners, and at simple parties - chocolate fondue at home. Initially fondue (from the French "melted") came from Switzerland. His story began in especially cold winters, when in the scarce stocks of the Swiss there was only dried cheese, biscuits and wine. They were the first to invent a prototype of the present fondue - they melted the cheese and wine, the dried bread was soaked in the mixture, and thus not only saved themselves from hunger and cold, but also unwittingly presented the world with a recipe for an amazing dessert.

Currently, this dish is prepared according to thea traditional recipe, with different varieties, but the most popular still got a chocolate fondue. At home, it is very simple to prepare this treat, besides, no special skills are required, the only condition is the availability of ceramic fondues and special long forks with heat-insulated handles. However, in the family circle, you can do with the usual forks, pots - this is in case when you want to try chocolate fondue at home, and the corresponding dishes have not been purchased yet. In no way will this dish become less tasty and pleasant, only the aesthetic side of the action will suffer.

During the preparation of this delicious dessert, you must adhere to a few subtleties to get a really tasty and properly cooked dish.

How to cook chocolate fondue?

  1. The first and most important condition is that chocolate is broken down intolobules certainly poured cold cream and a water bath is brought to a boil. In no case should not pour hot chocolate cream, as the cream may curdle, and the mixture will become lumpy and overly dense.
  2. The difference between classic cheese fondue andchocolate is that the first of them is cooked and served in the same bowl and served, while chocolate fondue at home in a water bath is melted in enameled dishes, and usually served in a ceramic dish. This is due to the fact that too hot fondue does not spread the magic flavor that is characteristic of chocolate. That is why the cooked delicacy is poured into a ceramic fondue, which has a special candle burner from below, thus achieving a constant temperature, which prevents chocolate from freezing and exuding a magical smell.
  3. The third rule is the timelyadding (on the fan) several spoons of cognac or liquor to get an even more saturated chocolate fragrance. In order not to spoil the delightful aroma with the smell of alcohol - it is poured in at the moment when the boiling of the mixture begins. In this case, immediately disappear alcoholic vapors, leaving only a delicate smell of liquor.

How to make chocolate fondue?

The classic recipe for chocolate fondue includes the following ingredients:

  • chocolate bitter - 150 g;
  • cream (33%) - 150 g;
  • cognac - 20 g;
  • biscuit and fruit.

When everything is ready, it remains only to give the forks,prepared fruit, nuts and biscuit on a plate. From personal preferences it depends which fruits to serve. Especially delicious fondue is obtained in a combination of bitter chocolate with soft marshmallow, prunes with walnuts, pears, oranges, biscuit. Pineapple is good in white chocolate.

If the treat is prepared for a childholiday, should be replaced, for example, orange liqueur for orange syrup - a unique combination of chocolate and citrus aromas will make the atmosphere even more festive.

A wonderful mood will give such aentertainment-entertainment and any adult party, making the evening unforgettable from the joyous minutes that brought everyone together while preparing this unusually tasty and wholesome dessert.

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