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Med-souffle "Peroni": description, reviews, prices

Most of the products that count the countersmodern stores, can not boast of a natural composition. Especially it concerns desserts. Amplifiers of taste, substitutes for natural fruits and berries, dyes and aromatic additives - all this, unfortunately, became inevitable. A new development in the world of desserts, honey-soufflé "Peroni", which is produced in Russia, is advantageous against this background.

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Product Description

What is a Perfoni honey souffle?Sweet-toothed testimonials testify to a gentle homogeneous consistency, bright taste and aroma. To classify a product is a bit problematic, because of all the famous desserts it looks most like a souffle, but, from the point of view of technologists, it's not quite a souffle. And yet the manufacturer positions the product exactly like that.

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And does it matter? After all, the main thing is that the honey-souffle "Peroni" is able to cause love from the first spoon for everyone who will try it for the first time.


In fact, the "Peroni" desserts are whipped honey, in which natural nuts, berries or fruits are added.

The most popular products of the collection:

  • "Lime Amur" based on Far Eastern linden honey.
  • "White cotton" from honey collected in the steppes of Kazakhstan.
  • "With pine nuts", "Cosmopolitan with cranberry" - the names speak for themselves.
  • "Buckwheat honey" with natural walnuts.
  • Fruit varieties: "Banana", "Margarita with strawberries", "Paradise with apricot", "Raspberry sorbet".

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Exclusive and very beautiful jars in volume of 250 and 100 ml - worthy dishes, which is supplied with honey-soufflé "Peroni". The price for a large bank is 550 rubles, for a small one - 100 rubles.

Collection of Julia Vysotskaya

The famous lover of good food has not stayedindifferent to this dessert. The manufacturer offered Yulia Vysotskaya cooperation, and from her pen came a few new recipes: "Sicilian orange", "Bourbon vanilla", "Viennese coffee", "Apple with cinnamon".

The famous presenter does not hide what he scoopsInspiration in their travels around the world. She gets acquainted with the dishes of different nations of the world, interpreting their tastes in their own way. The honey-souffle "Peroni" from the collection "Honeymoon" from Julia Vysotskaya is produced in jars of 250 ml. The cost of one dessert is 650 rubles.


It is worth paying attention to the remarkable design.A glass jar with a folding lid and a label in a romantic style all look exquisitely and refined. The design looks vintage notes. A jar of this dessert can be a wonderful gift for a small sweet tooth, a future mummy, a recovering sick or professional athlete.

But the manufacturer went even further and releaseda series of wonderful sets. They contain different tastes of dessert. A beautiful cardboard package allows you to decorate the jars compactly and harmoniously. The most popular sets: "Honeymoon", "Natourel" and "Cocktail". One set can consist of different number of jars, from 3 to 12.

A set of several varieties of honey-soufflé "Peroni" is a wonderful way to please a native person.

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