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Delicious desserts, or The most beautiful cake in the world

Cakes, being a special dessert, their own taste andappearance can please everyone. They are so different, therefore from all their types one can choose the one that will be most like. Undoubtedly, both adults and children will choose the most beautiful cake in the world, original and bright, cream and multilayered!

The most beautiful and delicious cakes

wedding cakes are the most beautiful

These desserts can be prepared by yourself.Such a confectionery product, like cake, serves as a traditional dish at the wedding. But the most delicious will be the one in the process of preparation of which only fresh quality products are used. When preparing a ready-made dessert, fresh fruit and berries, various creams, hot chocolate, coconut shavings, etc., are often used. And only the imagination of the pastry cooker depends on the appearance of the confectionery.

The theme of the cake is very extensive.But it is believed that it is the wedding cakes are the most beautiful. They are decorated with various figures and inscriptions. And the process of their preparation depends on the total weight of the product and the complexity of performing its tiers.

Cakes for children are very bright and colorful, sooften like a toy. Today, you can perform such a dessert in any form and complexity. It can be a car, a ship, a castle and so on. The most beautiful baby cakes as a gift will cause only positive emotions, which will remain for a long time in the memories of each child.

A bit of history

Each confectioner wants to bake the biggest and most beautiful cake in the world. In this regard, more than once set records.

the most beautiful cake in the world

If we consider history, we can distinguishthe fact that the biggest cakes are baked by Americans. In 1989, the state of Alabama was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the place for baking the world's largest cake. The confectionery product weighed fifty-eight tons, it was created by the day of the town of Fort Payne.

In 2005, Las Vegas baked a cake, a ton more than in the state of Alabama.

Many confectioners tried to create the largest andthe most beautiful cake in the world. So, in Astrakhan (Russia) was dessert baked in eight tons. Over its manufacture, about six hundred confectioners worked. This was truly a work of art. Its surface personified the landscape of the Volga region with the outlines of the banks of the Volga. In addition, the cake was decorated with holiday inscriptions.

In Beijing, was baked the largest cake of ice cream, and in Israel - from cottage cheese, thanks to which the latter was in the Guinness Book of Records.

the most beautiful baby cakes

Norwegian "best cake in the world"

In Norway they know which cake is the most delicious andbeautiful. It is called Verdens beste kake, which translates as "Best Cake in the World". The cake was very popular thanks to Hülde Ottestad. This woman, together with her sister, opened a cafe. In honor of the discovery, she bought two cake recipes for a lot of money. One of the recipes is the basis of the famous Verdens beste kake. However, Hjulde had to change the amount of almonds. It was put much less, because at that time the woman did not have enough money to buy it. The dessert turned out so delicious that it instantly gained popularity among the population. But what is the secret of such success?

The most beautiful cake in the world Verdens beste kake

Prepare such a dessert is not difficult.

Ingredients: 100 grams of butter, 120 grams of sugar, 4 yolks, 3 tablespoons of milk, 160 grams of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder and vanilla sugar, almonds.

Beze: 4 protein, 200 grams of sugar.

Cream: 300 grams of cream, one packet of vanilla pudding.

Consider how to cook the most beautiful cake in the world.

It is necessary to beat up butter with sugar, adding toone yolk. All the dry ingredients are sieved through a sieve and gradually, together with the milk, added to the mixture. All mixed and poured into a form, previously covered with parchment paper.

photo of the most beautiful cake

Proteins with a pinch of salt whisked, addsugar, whisk until the mixture becomes very tight. Beze neatly spread on the dough, sprinkled with almonds. Bake a cake half an hour, then it is cooled.

Cream whipped with pudding. The finished cake is cut in half, one part is spread with cream and the other is put on top.

Photos of the most beautiful cake can be seen notOnly in the cafe near Hülde Ottestad, but also on the official website of this magnificent confectionery. Yes Yes! The cake is so popular that the inhabitants of the city, where it was baked for the first time, decided to create a special site on which the entire history of this tasty and beautiful dessert is placed.

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