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Dairy products. List of most popular

fermented milk products list
Experts recommend starting your day withfood, made from milk: milk porridge, cheese, yoghurt, curd casseroles. Tasty, but not for everyone, more precisely, not everything. There are those who do not tolerate milk in a pure form, but what is made of it is consumed with pleasure.

Sour-milk products, the list of which we have to youwe publish below, are considered the most common products on earth since ancient times. It seems, it is not necessary to tell, that the greatest quantity of variations on a theme of use of milk is at cattle-breeding people. Some dishes to us, ordinary inhabitants of a megacity, are simply unknown. For example, few people suspect about the existence of a kurt (korot, kurut, ak-gurta (the name depends on the region)), but this does not prevent it from being popular with its people. By the way, kurt is nothing else than dried yoghurt with salt and spices (the description is greatly exaggerated, but the meaning is correct).

kefir fermented milk product
The most popular drink in our country is kefir(fermented milk product obtained by mixed milk fermentation). No less popular yogurt, but we have it appeared relatively recently (from a historical point of view), so far behind the long-familiar kefir.

It is fair to say that in the AncientRuss were not very common dairy products. The list is, in principle, small. Prostokvasha, cottage cheese and sour cream. To a large extent these are natural fermentation products, that is, they did not need to boil milk and add special bacteria for their preparation. Everything happened naturally.

In Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean, forthe safety of products had to be fought (still not as cold as in Russia!). As a result, people needed milk to be processed as soon as possible in order to exclude spoilage. Thus, various cheeses appeared, in essence the same fermented milk products. The list is made up of both hard cheeses, and soft, dairy and whey. The meaning of the preparation of all is approximately the same: milk is fermented with special substances at a certain temperature.

sour milk product

For the sake of justice it is necessary to say that for thisthe moment is not only preserved recipes of cooking, known for thousands of years, but also created new ones, widely used in diet and nutrition. For example, bifilux, bifid, acidolate, biota (some of them are actively used to prevent dysbacteriosis).

The most popular dairy products

The list is headed by all kinds of cheeses (ricotta,cheddar, suluguni, mozzarella, etc.). Further yoghurts (there are many names, the basis is one - a Bulgarian stick and boiled milk). This is the most actively bought up products. Then kefir and varenets. They are preferred mostly by adult women (according to statistics). Next comes sour cream - a dairy product, which is in high demand among men aged 18 to 29 years. On the next place are regional drinks such as ayran, kumis, tan, matsoni, etc.

The most recent in the list for popularity arereal originals. For their production, several varieties of milk are used (cow, sheep, mare, etc.) and a Swiss wand (Lactobacillus helveticus), capable of surviving exclusively in high-altitude areas. These sour-milk drinks include chegen, tarak, tar, and others.

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