/ How to make a topper for a cake with your own hand?

How to make a topper for a cake with your own hand?

Without a cake, not one solemnevent, this is a kind of the climax of any feast. Everyone wants that the festive treat was decorated in an original, bright and creative way. In our time it is not at all problematic, it is enough to order pastries in any confectionery store.

The cook will take into account all wishes and decorate dessertaccording to individual preferences. Of all the variety of choice in a special honor is the topper. On the cake you can put all sorts of elements, down to the animated characters. With such an interesting catchy accessory, baking looks unusual, beautiful and solemn.

What is a topper?

topper on cake

On the cake, more precisely, on its top confectionersets nameplates, volumetric letters or initials, as well as numbers and decorative figures. All elements are made from inedible materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, wire, etc. For each case, universal jewelry is designed, which accurately reflects the holiday atmosphere.

Variations on this topic

Most often order a topper for a wedding cake.Newlyweds choose nameplates with rhinestones, figures of the groom and the bride sitting on a pedestal, swans. The elegant monograms with the initials of the newlyweds are offered. If desired, the letters can be decorated with beautiful curls, bright ribbons, sparkles.

topper on a wedding cake

Professional confectioners will realize any ideaon the top tier of the cake. Elements are made in any shape, size, taking into account the personal wishes of the client. For thematic parties and weddings, cooks can make a non-standard topper. The cake is attached accessories in the form of sea inhabitants, anchors, angels, cartoon characters, hearts.

Experiment on this topic can be a long time.Whichever product you order, it will look neat, original and fresh. However, one must understand that such a pleasure will not be expensive. If you are not ready to spread a tidy sum, then with great desire and diligence, you can make jewelry yourself from the available items.

We make a topper for a cake with our own hands

Topper on the cake with your own hands

Having shown a little imagination, you personally make an unusual accessory for a sweet product or a New Year's dish. It is necessary to stock up on the following items:

  • with small scissors, manicure;
  • white cardboard;
  • wire in the number of three pieces;
  • liquid glue;
  • decorative sequins.

Step-by-step instruction

With the help of a stencil follows the letters of yourname on cardboard paper. Or make it easier - print on the printer. Gently cut out on the edge, apply glue on paper. Then all the letters are dipped in sequins, superfluous shake. We fasten the prepared elements to the wire. So simply and quickly you can make a topper on the cake.

Your treat will play with new colors and givethe beauty of the event. By analogy, figures, figures, silhouettes, signs and other geometric elements are made. Size, volume, color palette - choose yourself. Items for creativity are realized in any office store. Successful crafts!

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