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Cheese "Emmental" - the king of cheeses

The business card of Emmental cheese is bigholes - "eyes" and incomparable soft sweetish taste. Cheese "Emmental" is very popular. In the people it is called Swiss. And all because it is the basis of the Swiss national dish - cheese fondue.

Switzerland - the birthplace of cheese

The most "prosperous" country for cheese is consideredSwitzerland. In the alpine meadows you can always see a herd of cows, which have long become the unspoken symbol of the country. Cattle really like living in Switzerland. Green pastures, stretching for several kilometers, serve as ideal food for herbivores. As you know, the quality of cheese directly depends on its main component - milk. Could the cows, who feed on natural meadow grass daily, give bad milk? Of course not! Therefore, cheese and dairy products produced in Switzerland are of high quality, incomparable taste and aroma. Cheese "Emmental" is no exception.

Cheese product for healthy eating

cheese emmental
Almost all cheeses in Switzerland are brewed from freshmilk, therefore they are considered products of beauty, health and harmony. Cheese "Emmental" is called the king of cheeses. It is also prepared from fresh milk, which is given by alpine cows, and then sent to caves for aging. The finished cheese is "decorated" with large holes and has a sweetish nutty taste. By the way, the milk product received its name from the river Emma. In its valley is the European cheese-making center - Bern.

Caloric content of Emmental cheese is 380 kcalper 100 g of product. The quality of cheese can be determined by the shape of the holes and their "behavior". If a cheese product periodically "cries" - in its eyes there are droplets of milk - it speaks of its highest quality. But today, "crying" cheese can be seen on the shelves of shops rarely. During the period of its delivery to the retail network, all the drops dry up.

How to prepare Emmental cheese

cheese emmental
Для производства знаменитого сырного продукта fresh milk is used. It is heated to a temperature of +34 ° C and mixed with fermented milk enzymes. The resulting yoghurt is then crushed into granules. Then the mass is again heated, large heads are formed from it, which are kept in the brine for three days. Next, the cheese product is sent to the caves for aging. One month the cheese is in a damp cold room, after which it is transferred to a warm cellar. The maturation period of Emmental cheese is 2-2.5 months. At the end of this period, the product is again placed in a cold cave. The maturing period of this variety lasts for 15-20 months. Very nice and mouth-watering is the Emmental cheese. The photo shown below allows you to verify this.

What can replace the cheese "Emmental"

cheese emmental than to replace

Hard Swiss cheese "Emmental" is usedfor the preparation of a variety of salads, desserts and second courses. It goes well with wine and fruit. Do not forget that Swiss cheese is the main ingredient in fondue. But not every fridge has Emmental cheese. How to replace the famous product? Some landladies recommend using Gouda, Mozzarella or Maasdam cheeses in these cases. But still, the Emmental cheese in its classical version gives the cheese fondue a special rich taste and flawless flavor. Today the Swiss fondue is considered an aristocratic dish. The original recipe for its preparation includes only Emmental cheese, wine, fresh bread. Today, in the preparation of fondue, these ingredients are replaced with cherry tincture, cheaper cheeses and various spices. Often, potatoes, olives, gherkins are added to the dish, but this is not quite right ...

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