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Simple cookies for simple recipes

Самое простое печенье – это уникальный десерт, which can be sweet or savory, flaky, sandy, buttery. The cookie is one of the oldest delicacies, its birthplace is the ancient Persia. Europe began to enjoy this dessert in the fourteenth century. Cookie recipes hundreds of thousands! It can include a variety of ingredients, fillers - there are cookies from carrots and pumpkins, potatoes and corn, oatmeal cookies, curd, mango, nut cookies, chocolate and many others.

But if guests are on the doorstep, then any hostess underthe strength to cook cookies quickly and simply, from the most basic foods that are always at hand. Even if it is prepared according to a simple recipe, it will certainly please the guests. It's fresh from the oven: hot, fragrant and crunchy. With a little effort, connecting the imagination, the landlady is able to turn the simplest cookies into a masterpiece. From under her rolling pin there may appear cookies-stars, months, funny faces, which, no doubt, will please the kids. You can also take advantage of the variety of special forms for biscuits that are sold in stores. You can decorate this dessert with everything you like - boiled condensed milk, nuts, candied fruits, sprinkle with powdered sugar, poppy seeds!

The easiest recipe for shortbread cookie "Minutka"

- Wheat flour of the highest quality - four glasses;

- granulated sugar - one glass;

- eggs of chicken - three pieces;

- margarine (butter) - one packet.

First we will shoot eggs and sugar untilthe latter will not dissolve completely, and the mass itself will turn white. Melt the margarine (butter) and add it to the eggs and sugar. Mix well and add flour, breaking the lumps. The dough should turn out soft and gentle, but should fall behind the hands. We divide it into five equal parts, from them we roll the balls and send them to the refrigerator for half an hour.

Get the dough and we'll roll it on the layersnot more than five millimeters thick. With the help of a glass or special biscuit molds, we cut the billets and lay them loose on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake cookies should be in the oven, heated to two hundred degrees until golden brown. Remove and cool.

Simple cookies from cottage cheese

- margarine - a packet;

- cottage cheese - a packet;

- flour - two glasses;

- soda, slaked with vinegar - half a teaspoon;

- sugar.

Margarine is softened and mixed with cottage cheese and flour.Add the soda, slaked with vinegar. We'll get the meat grinder and let the dough pass through it. We will remove the received mass in a refrigerator for a short while. Then we'll take out the dough and roll it out no more than half a centimeter thick. We cut a cookie with a knife or molds and dipped each into sugar. We put it on a baking sheet, oiled, and bake until ready.

Simple cookies "Biscuit roses"

This cookie is not only fast in cooking, but also very spectacular, it will perfectly decorate the table and will please the guests.

- eggs - four pieces;

sugar - one glass;

- flour - one glass;

- Vanilla.

We'll fuck four eggs, add sugar and vanillin.We will whisk well until the sugar completely dissolves. Then, in portions, we begin to add flour, constantly whipping, so that the lumps do not appear. The dough should turn out to be liquid. We grease the baking tray with vegetable oil. Take a teaspoon and pour the dough portions, making a distance of a few centimeters between them. The dough will look like puddles and will spread, but it should be so. Of the three such "puddles" we will have to make one rose.

We send the baking tray in the oven literallyA couple of minutes. The dough will cook very quickly. Then, as soon as the petals of future roses become golden, we take them out of the oven and, while they are hot, we will form flowers from them. Hot dough will be well shaped and roses will easily shape. Let's leave ready "roses" to cool down, they will cool down and wither in the form that we give them. Bon Appetit!

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