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How to cook soup. Recipe at home

soups at home
To say that soup is easy is not to say anything.Only at the dawn of your culinary activity, soups at home can cause panic and jitters during cooking. When the "hand is full" and the experience is enough, you will not have problems with the soup. Moreover, over time, each family has its own preferences, consisting usually of two or three recipes, according to which it is becoming easier to cook dishes, applying them from time to time.

So, we present you the recipes of soups, in the homeconditions that are easy to prepare. All the first dishes can be divided into three subspecies: soup, soup-puree, cold soup. This division is very conditional, but it will help those who are just starting to cook, and it seems that this information is for them. Dishes, according to familiar recipes are prepared as standard from time to time, get bored. A small impromptu brings a zest and variety, making each dinner unique. We will not rewrite for you once again recipes for borscht or saltwort. We suggest you make the first dish based on your preferences in choosing the products.


recipes of soups at home

Recipe at home prescribes to cookany soup on broth. However, for the sake of saving time or money, you can cook on the water. Having prepared the base (it can be fish, chicken, beef, vegetable, etc.), begin to make up the "composition" of the ingredients. In any soup, the onions, carrots, celery root and parsley are perfectly combined. They can be fried or, cut into slices, just cook. Some cook soup, combining cereals and potatoes, for others this is unacceptable. Add to the soup with rice potatoes or not - decide for yourself. Start with simple variations, gradually complicating your own recipes with tomatoes, sweet pepper and spices. Do not be afraid, cook in small portions, constantly trying, making conclusions about the taste. Soup should like you. A pinch of salt, balanced by sugar, will lead to a harmonious taste.

soup recipe at home

Puree soup

Recipe at home allows you to cooksuch soup, especially if there is an immersion blender. Not only that such soups are classified as dietary, so also the cooking time is minimal. Most often they are cooked from vegetables. But there are other options. For example, soup with mushrooms on cream can be called a classic of European cuisine. To any variant of soup-mashed potatoes, potatoes, rice, pumpkin are perfect. You can pure the whole mass, and you can leave some products unmixed. The main thing is to choose vegetables that have a delicate texture in the finished form, to cook them in a small amount of water, this will help to make the consistency that is necessary for you, adding liquids, if necessary. Ideally served with croutons and finely chopped greens.

Cold soup

soup recipe at home
Recipe at home cooking thisdishes are not complicated at all. Each country has its own interpretation of such a soup. In our - "okroshka", in Spain - "gazpacho". By the way, we also have a cold soup with bread and is called "tyury". In the Russian cuisine there are no tomatoes in such abundance, they are replaced with sorrel, kvass, pickled cucumbers. Choosing the basis (kvass, kefir, mineral water with sour cream), collect your own unique recipe. For example, "Botvina" combines fish, vegetables and kvass.

Any soup, a recipe at home which can be easily adapted to your taste, wallet or medical indications, will be exceptional.

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