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"Sheremetevsky cakes" help create a holiday atmosphere

The end of the festive table with dessert isa kind of final chord of a symphony of tastes all evening. Therefore, on the table should be present only high-quality desserts from the manufacturer with a good reputation. One of these producers is the confectionary factory "Sheremetyevsk cakes".

Confectionary factory

The factory works with the latest technology inwhich allows them to remain one of the largest suppliers of sweets to the festive table in the Moscow region. Today "Sheremetyevsk cakes" are 15 years of painstaking work, more than 50 different kinds of products that are made only from high-quality ingredients. All manufactured products have the necessary quality certificates.

Sheremetevsky cakes

You can buy the products in the branded stores that are located in various cities of the Moscow region, and in the largest trading networks such as Auchan, O'Kay, Seventh Continent and others.

The main priorities that underlie the work of the confectionery are:

- use only high-quality products for the manufacture of confectionery;

- prompt solution of all the issues that arise;

- Flexible attitude towards the client;

- Timely fulfillment of all set goals.

Cakes, produced by a confectionery factory

Confectionary factory "Sheremetyevsk cakes" offers a wide range of different cakes, in total eight types:

  • Eclair. A classic French custard batter is used for making.
  • Tiramisu - biscuit is impregnated with a certain syrup with natural coffee and cognac.

Sheremetyevo cakes reviews

  • "Prague" - sponge cakes are impregnated with firm "Prague" cream and are covered with a mirror covering.
  • Fruit basket - biscuit base with jam, pieces of fruit and cream.
  • "The ring is coveted" - as a filling for the rings use the most delicate curd cream cream.
  • "Bird's milk". To prepare this cake, a classic recipe is used.
  • "Potatoes" are memories from childhood. The composition includes biscuit, walnuts, cream and chocolate.
  • "Temptation". This air cake with curd cream, covered with chocolate icing. For decoration, whipped cream and condensed milk, various candied fruits are used.

Often in the store you can find a set ofvarious kinds of cakes "Sheremetyevsk cakes". Feedback from buyers is ambiguous, special attention is drawn to the appearance, which received a solid five, but the content is disappointing, and the average score is three. From the whole set of cakes, buyers sing out tiramisu, which unquestioningly put a solid five and advised to eat.


The factory produces a huge number of cakes,which can be divided into two types: biscuit and sand "Sheremetyevsk cakes". We present photos of some products to your attention.

Special demand among the whole rangeenjoys the cake "Bird's Milk", whose name reminds us of the taste of childhood. Thanks to these memories of the cake leave a response in which they put him a four because of the oily and sugary sweet taste.

Sheremetyevsk cakes photo

But classic cakes "Prague", "Venice" and "Tiramisu" are very popular with buyers. Cakes are pretty sweet, moderately fatty because of the cream, but it does not spoil them. Each cake has its own flavor.

Cakes at the factory are produced in different masses, from 550 g to 2000. One cake can go in different weight variations.

Cakes on order

Sheremetevsky cakes can be ordered for any holiday, be it a child's birthday, a wedding or an anniversary. They will become a worthy decoration of the festive table.

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