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What? Fast and tasty to cook dinner is unrealistic? Impossible is possible!

And let's discuss today the topic of fast-paced recipes! This topic is just for those people who are often puzzled by the question: "What is quick and delicious to cook for your family members or friends?"

Hearty and eerie appetizing draniki

No wonder I decided to start this topic with a recipedraniki, since I really adore this dish. And here is one of the simplest ways to cook fast, tasty and inexpensive Belarusian pancakes. We take 3-4 not very large potatoes, we will cleanse, we will wash and we will try on a large tetrochka. Now mix the potatoes with 2 chicken eggs (raw!). Add a little black pepper and salt to taste. We mix everything well and put a frying pan on the stove. We pour in sunflower oil, on which our draniki will be roasted. After warming the frying pan well, spread the potato portions on the bottom with a tablespoon and leave it to brown to a dark golden crust. Do not forget to fry the pancakes on the other side! Fold the hot pancakes in a cup and serve with sour cream. Bon Appetit!

what quickly and tasty to cook

Juicy Mushroom Salad

Very successful will be the idea of ​​serving with fragrantpotato salad with mushrooms. In this way we will be able to cook dinner fast and delicious! To begin with, we will fry very finely chopped onions for 30 seconds. Then we send the mushrooms to the frying pan. Fry until done. We spread the mushrooms in a salad bowl and mix it with the sliced ​​cucumber. We fill the ingredients with chopped herbs to taste, seasonings and mayonnaise. Salad is tasty both in warm form and in chilled.

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Cooking quickly nourishing soup

cook quickly delicious and inexpensive
So we got to the question that quicklyand delicious to cook for the first. Of course, you know about the benefits of liquid food. So we'll make a delicious soup. Chop the middle bulb, pour into the saucepan to cook the soup, warm it and lightly brown the onions and carrots. Then put 3-4 crumbled potatoes into the dishes. After two minutes of frying the products in a saucepan, you can pour boiling water. Add salt and a couple of laurel leaves. You can throw 2-3 peas of black pepper. The volume of water is determined depending on how much thick or liquid soup you want to get. Cook the potatoes on medium heat (or slightly weaker) for 10 minutes. Now we send pasta and canned peas or beans to the broth. We try and if necessary add salt and spices (for example, ziru and turmeric). Leave the soup on a small fire for 6-7 minutes. Then once again we knead and after a couple of minutes we start dinner!

The most delicious pastries

What to prepare quickly and tasty for tea?This question is solved very simply. To prepare a delicious cupcake, beat 2-3 eggs of chicken and mix them with sifted flour (1-1.5 cups). In a frying pan, we sink 50-70 grams of butter and mix it with flour. Pour a glass of sugar (or maybe less). Add 0.5 teaspoon slaked vinegar with soda and knead the dough. The oven is turned on 180 degrees. Deep frying pan or baking dish is smeared with sunflower oil and pouring the finished dough. On the surface, you can lay out cut into thin slices apples and nuts. We prepare the cake for 20-25 minutes, setting it on the upper shelf of the oven. You can sprinkle ready-made pastry with powdered sugar.

Afterword ...

Here we have such a complex of dishes. Now we know that you can cook a full dinner quickly and tasty!

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