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We prepare a delicious cake at home. Recipe

Any celebration in the family circle is a holidayspecial. After all at a table relatives and close people gather. Perhaps, the most long-awaited treat is dessert. Try to make a delicious cake at home. The recipe for this treat is simple enough. For its preparation you will need only some products and some free time.

delicious cake at home recipe
The most delicious cakes. Recipes. A photo

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Necessary ingredients:450 g of margarine (250 in chocolate dough, 200 in white), 3 cups of sugar, two tablespoons of cocoa powder, five eggs, 3.5 glasses of flour, 800 g of sour cream, a little baking soda, two cups of nuts, 300 g of butter , a bank of condensed milk.


This delicious cake at home, recipewhich is pretty simple - an ideal option for a gala dinner. It turns out incredibly tender and looks very appetizing. So, mix the dough for the chocolate cakes. To do this, combine 250 grams of melted margarine, cocoa, a glass of sugar, three eggs, 90 g of sour cream, 250 g of flour and quenched soda. Mix everything, the dough should get quite liquid. Pour it into a form, covered with parchment paper, and bake one cake. The temperature in the oven should be 180 - 200 degrees. When the cake is cooled, cut it into two pieces. We continue to prepare our delicious cake at home. The recipe for this delicacy involves the use of a cream of two kinds. First make the oil. To do this, you need a blender or mixer. Whisk a jar of condensed milk with 300 grams of butter. Put the resulting mass in the refrigerator. Then, bake light crusts. Mix 600 g of flour with 200 g of margarine, two yolks and 60 g of sour cream. Dough aside for a while. Prepare a layer of meringue. To do this, mix a glass of sugar and two egg whites with a mixer. Then add crushed nuts. Divide the light dough into four equal parts.

delicious cakes recipes with photos
Each of them roll into the cake, brush with proteinsand put in a preheated oven for 8 - 10 minutes. Bake is best on parchment. Prepare the second cream. To do this, whip 500 grams of sour cream (oily) and 250 ml of sugar. Then you can begin to "collect" the cake. At the bottom of the dish, put the chocolate cake and smear it with sour cream. On top - white, located with squirrels up. On it it is necessary to put an oil cream. Then put another white cake, but already squirrels down. It is covered with sour cream. On top of it - a light cake (squirrels up). We apply oil cream on it. And, finally, the last light cake (squirrels down) we cover with sour cream. Top put the chocolate biscuit. Already ready for our delicious cake at home. The recipe for treats involves the use of an oil cream to coat the baking on the sides and from above. Cake can be decorated with chocolate glaze or mastic.


Ingredients for the cake:500 g of sugar, 6 eggs, soda, quenched with lemon juice, two glasses of flour, 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder. For cream, take 700 sour cream, 350 g of sugar, 250 g of peanuts and a jar of canned pineapple.

The Most Delicious Cakes Recipes Photo

Mix all the ingredients necessary forCooking preparations. At the same time, it is recommended to whip the eggs with sugar first, and then gradually introduce the rest of the ingredients. Pour one third of the dough into a mold and bake the cake. Add the rest of the cocoa mass. Stir everything and bake another dark cake. Cooking the cream. Mix sugar with sour cream, add finely chopped fruit. On the dish, lay a light crust and soak it with pineapple juice. Dark biscuit cut into small pieces and mix with cream. Put the resulting mass on a light cake slides. On top of the cake you can pour the remains of sour cream and decorate with chocolate, melted in a water bath. I hope that these delicious cakes, recipes with photos of which are presented in this article, will be appreciated by your guests.

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