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Cake "Karate" - the perfect gift for a sweet tooth

Many of us like all sorts of desserts: ice cream, yogurts, various pastries, eclairs, profiteroles and so on.

Consider such baking as cakes.

Cakes are a real culinary art

Most people are not indifferent to this culinary creation. After all, cake is not only dessert, but also the main food. For example, some are specially invited to visit the "cake".

Cakes are different, depending on the composition: honey, sand, biscuit, chocolate and so on.

Such famous cakes as "Napoleon", "Prague", "Smetannik", "Bird's Milk", "Medovik" and others, have always fallen in love with connoisseurs of sweet baking.

Tart Karate
Recently it has become very popularcreate their own original, to taste and mind, culinary masterpieces. Their masterpiece is that it is not just a delicious treat, but also a beautiful decoration for any table. And decorate it with amazing colorful colors of unusual beauty, berries, fruits, figurines of little animals, little men, characters of animated films, delicate chocolate and many others. It is important to have at least a little imaginative luggage when creating your own personal delicacy.

Cake "Karate" - delicious and delicate treat

An excellent solution for decorating the cake is mastic.

As an example, consider how a cake is madeKarate. The very name says that it will be something related to a sport like karate. Therefore, it can be presented to the sweet tooth of a male.

For the beginning baked cakes. Their number depends on the required height of the future product. On each layer of the cake is applied a cream. The base is ready.

cake karate ideas
Next - the case for decoration.Cover the base with the desired color of the mastic. Mastic is an edible adhesive, similar in appearance to plasticine. After the cake is wrapped, the unnecessary edges are cut off. From the remnants you can sculpt different figures.

What is this "Karate" cake without a karate?From the mastic a figure of a little man in a white kimono and with a black belt is sculpted. It is desirable that he was in action when fighting, that is, either with a raised leg, or with hands preparing to make another blow. Next to the athlete you can make a victory cup.

The inscription on the cake is also important. After all, it is usually for someone intended. You can write some congratulations, wishes and more.

Everyone will definitely like the "Karate" cake.Ideas for its decoration are individual. Therefore, before you decorate it, you need to consider the tastes of the person to whom it will be given. In extreme cases - ask him what he wants.

Cakes "Karate", reviews about it

Those who receive it as a gift will certainly appreciateits worth. After all, no store types of baking can compare with what the beloved person has prepared with his own hands. And his interesting and bright design, made with love and soul, will surpass any purchased product. Therefore, reviews about this cake can only be positive. Children will be delighted, loved one - pleasantly surprised. And if it is a gift to a colleague or coach, he will be very grateful.

cake karate reviews
Finally, you can write that the way to the heart of a man lies through the cake "Karate".

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