/ How to decorate cakes at home? Start with the basics

How to decorate cakes at home? Start with the basics

How to decorate cakes at home, if you have learned to bake them and now want to brag about your talent as a decorator?

how to decorate cakes at home
This is much easier than it seems at first glance.You can decorate the cake yourself with the help of mastic, and much more simple and familiar means - chocolate chips, industrial-made sweets, nuts and fruits, figurines from the cream. Let's look at the basic principles of this most interesting skill.

How to decorate cakes at home? Starting with the basics: preparing the cakes, leveling

Perhaps, looking at the masterpieces, moldedconfectioners from mastic, you are delighted, but you have absolutely no idea how to get down to mastering such skills. First, the most important thing is to prepare the base.

 decorate the cake with your own hands
That is to bake cakes, carefully put them andsmear cream. Perfect cake alignment is the key to success. Do not think that the coating of mastic will hide all the flaws and pits. It, on the contrary, will reveal them. Decide on the amount of cream - the more of it, the harder it is to solve the problem of how to decorate cakes at home. The base must be either biscuit or honey cakes - they are very plastic and fit well with mastic. If you want to use not more oily, but some more delicate cream around the circumference of the cake, then you need to use the so-called dam of stronger cream (American base). Then the missed cake is sent to the freezer. And only then smeared with the desired cream inside the dam. If you want your cake to have a complex structure, it is best to bake an oil sponge cake and, when it is almost completely cold, put it, wrapped in plastic, in the freezer.
how to decorate a cake with chocolate
Such a foundation does not crumble.Frozen biscuit is much easier to form than breaking and flexible freshly baked. Just pay attention to hermetic packaging - after all, cakes absorb smells very well and can lose their flavor in the fridge, lying down next to strongly smelling products (fish, greens). When you have removed the biscuit from the freezer, cut the top that has risen during baking with a knife. The remaining cake is divided into two or three parts. Collect the cake with any butter cream. Then, already missed, it must be placed for another hour in the freezer. Now you can give the cake any shape, first making sure that it is perfectly aligned around the circumference. To do this, take the sharpest knife, put it vertically and gradually cut the roughness by moving towards you. After this procedure, cakes with cream must be re-placed in the freezer.

How to decorate a cake with chocolate?

For ganache need good cream.As well as high-quality chocolate with a cocoa content of at least fifty-five percent. Heat it with cream in the ratio of one to two in a water bath, stirring constantly. The resulting smooth and shiny mass a little whisk and apply on top of the cake. Then, without waiting for drying, line the sides and top. Better to make a double layer. It will take about three hundred gram chocolates. Now freeze your product again. Now you have done everything you need before decorating cakes at home. On the prepared base, you can apply jewelry from cream, marzipan, jelly. All of them will be superb hold. And just a cake covered with chocolate is very beautiful and elegant.

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