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Cooking the cake ... in a frying pan

You have a holiday, and the oven in yourgas stove announced a strike and is not going to help you cook? Of course, you can cook basic meals without her help, but what about a festive cake? Buy in the store ready to you does not allow the pride of excellent cooking, and cook light cakes that do not need to bake, you just think below your dignity.

Cake on the frying pan
So what do you do? Run for help to a neighbor or immediately go for a new stove? But in fact while it will bring and will establish, there will be a lot of time, and it is already necessary to prepare for cooking now.

Nothing wrong!Why do not you bake a cake in a frying pan? Yes, yes, this is quite real. The cake is cooked quickly, and it turns out very tasty. You can even bake a cake "Napoleon". In the frying pan it can be cooked literally in 40 minutes.

Let's try.

Let's start with cream.For "Napoleon" traditionally used custard, as all other creams do not so well impregnate the puff cakes, and the cake can get dryish. In order for the cream not to burn, it is better to cook it on a water bath. We put on the stove a pot of water, let it warm up for now. And in another saucepan, smaller in size, we begin to mix the ingredients of the cream.

Five eggs thoroughly rubbed with one glasssugar, add half a cup of flour and vanillin on the tip of the knife. Carefully pour in a liter of cold milk, making sure that our blank for the cream was without lumps. We put the saucepan on a water bath and, stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a light boil. The cream should be slightly thick. We put it aside, let it cool down.

And we will do the test.

The cake is napoleon in a frying pan
For the test, we need: sugar (in the amount of one glass), 3 eggs, butter (2 tablespoons), 4 glasses of flour, a little salt and half a teaspoon of hydrated soda.

Whisk eggs with sugar, add creamyoil, salt, soda and flour. Knead the dough. Stir it until you can not get out of hand. You may also have to add flour, since its consumption depends on the variety. As soon as the dough has ceased to actively stick to your hands, we set it aside for 20 minutes, and we ourselves return to the cream.

He has already cooled down a bit, and it is possible to drive a pack of softened butter. The cream is ready, and the dough is already settled. You can proceed to the most important thing. So, bake cake in a frying pan.

All the dough is divided into 16 parts, the size ofa tennis ball, roll it out and put it on a dry hot pan, standing on the fire. The crusts are baked very quickly, so it's better not to leave the plate. Do not forget just before you put a new cake in the frying pan, carefully remove the traces of the previous one on a clean napkin.

All. The crusts are also ready. You baked a cake in a frying pan. It remains only to "assemble" it and decorate it as usual.

Light cakes
Cream do not regret, on average one cake is neededspread out two tablespoons, otherwise the cake in the frying pan will not be impregnated. Always leave one cake - it will go to the sprinkling. The collected and decorated cake can be served on the table after an hour, but it is better to cover it with polyethylene and hold for a couple of hours in the refrigerator.

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