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The recipe for sushi at home. We prepare rolls at home

Japanese cuisine has long enjoyedpopularity in our country. Rolls, gunkans, miso soup, gesza are our compatriots' favorite dishes, but most of all we prefer sushi and rolls. Making sushi at home is not that hard.

To make sushi we need rice.In Japan, use a special rice - nishi, it is well stuck after cooking. Such rice can be purchased at specialized stores. If you did not find such a rice, this is no excuse to give up the idea of ​​trying to use a sushi recipe at home. You can take white, round-grain, polished rice, it is glued no worse.

sushi recipe at home

No recipe for sushi at homeconditions will not do without red fish and nori - dry algae, in which you will wrap rolls. You can also take fresh tuna, smoked eel, king prawn, squid, cucumber, caviar, crab sticks, sausage, cheese, in general, whatever your heart desires.

Of course, the recipe for sushi at home does not necessarily include wasabi sauce and pickled ginger, but you still get them.

Prepare the ingredients

Cook the rice for full preparation.While it cools, it is necessary to prepare fish, seafood and other ingredients. The whole stuffing should be cut into long thin strips, and the fact that it is impossible to cut, for example, caviar, lay out in small bowls.

recipe for sushi at home
Take the board and the knife, which should be verysharp, also prepare a container with hot water where you can rinse the knife from rice gluten. It would be optimal to get a special bamboo board for making rolls, but its absence is not a catastrophe.

Let's start the process of preparing rolls.

On the board, put the nori sheet and begin to lay out rice on it - from the edges, moving evenly to the center, as the nori sheet begins to shrink and burst from the wet.

Completely covering the nori with rice, lay out the path fromingredients, having receded from the edge of the leaf approximately three centimeters. You can choose any stuff that you consider to be delicious. You can make rolls with only one ingredient, the so-called poppy rolls, you can combine different fillings and make more complex variations. It all depends on your preferences. The recipe for sushi at home, as well as in a restaurant, has certain classic combinations: soft cheese with red fish, eel with crab and avocado, crab with avocado and soft cheese, red fish with soft cheese and caviar.

make sushi at home

Soft cheese is added to the rolls so that they are not dry. The restaurants use "Philadelphia" cheese, but you can also use the usual: viola, almette, hochland and even fetaki.

Putting the ingredients, tightly roll the roll, startingfrom the end from which you retreated three centimeters and put the stuffing. Take the knife and divide the roll into equal parts. Your rolls are ready. Put them on a dish, use wasabi and ginger for decoration, and instead of salt take soy sauce.

As you can see, using the sushi recipe at home is simple and quick.

Bon Appetit.

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