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We prepare the cocktail "Blue Hawaii"

What could be better than bright refreshing cocktailsfor a home party? This is a great way to add a little bit of ease and relaxedness to any conversation. Especially such drinks are good in hot summer weather. With them, every home celebration turns into a luxurious glamorous party.

Cocktail Blue Hawaii
And for this, it is not necessary to acquire the skills of a professional bartender. Cocktail "Blue Hawaii" can cook everyone.

This alcoholic drink is very popular onsocial events. It is appreciated for its stunning tropical flavor and its enchanting rich blue tint. But there are several recipes. The composition of the cocktail "Blue Hawaii" may vary slightly depending on the taste preferences of the guests. So, let's find out the most popular and topical recipes to date.

The simplest version of this cocktail is preparedof the following components. It is necessary to prepare orange juice, a popular liqueur called "Malibu" and light rum in equal volumes (40 ml). Diluted cocktail with pineapple juice (120 ml), which gives the drink the desired exotic note. Be sure to stock up on ice. It must first be crushed to the state of crumb. Fill it with a prepared glass for about 1/3 of the volume. Pour in rum, then juice and liquor. It is the last ingredient that is the source of the famous color of the drink. The cocktail "Blue Hawaii" is almost ready. It remains only to decorate it properly. Use fresh fruit for this. Perfectly fit pieces of pineapple, banana and orange. They need to be worn on the edges of the glass.

Cocktail Blue Hawaii Recipe

Cocktail "Blue Hawaii", whose recipeprovides for the addition of vodka, is prepared as follows. The composition will change slightly. You will need ingredients such as a quarter of the usual lemon, a little sugar syrup (you can cook it yourself), vodka and light rum in equal amounts (25 ml each drink), and, of course, pineapple juice (90 ml). The taste of the cocktail will also be slightly different. This time you will need a shaker. Mix ice in cubes, syrup, juice and rum, vodka. Lemon must be cleaned and wrung out in the same container to the rest of the ingredients. All gently shake and pour into a large glass. Add some more ice, decorate the edges with fruits, cherries or colored coconut shavings.

No less original is a cocktail"Blue Hawaii" with a liqueur. The list of products again undergoes some changes. You will need all the same pineapple juice (100 ml) and in equal parts (40 ml) light rum, any liquor with coconut flavor and aroma, and also a drink Blue Curacao.

Blue Hawaii cocktail
The cooking procedure is very simple, it isis similar to the previous version. Mix all the ingredients in the shaker along with the crumb of ice. Be sure to add to the glass pieces of fruit, colored umbrellas and tubes.

And, finally, the non-alcoholic cocktail "BlueHawaii "for those who are constantly behind the wheel.Why not to deliver such a special joy to you? You will need products such as cream ice cream (three tablespoons suffice), a couple teaspoons of lemon juice, a little mint and sugar syrup (10 ml each ), pineapple juice (50 ml), the way of preparation is also very simple.Mix the juices in a glass, then add the syrup and carefully lay out the ice cream.It can have a pronounced fruit taste.It is decorated with a leaf of peppermint, cherry or coconut shavings.

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