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Nuggets: the recipe for cooking a delicious dish

nuggets recipe

If you want to play at homea dish that is usually cooked in fast-food establishments, nuggets will be an excellent choice. Their recipe is so simple that you can cook them even with the children. But the benefits at home of cooked meat are undoubtedly much higher.

Chicken nuggets. Recipe with breadcrumbs and cornstarch

Take a kilo of chicken fillet.You can and other meat, but this will be easier. Yes, and in McDonald's the most popular dish from chicken - just nagetsy. Recipes with photos will help you reproduce the same taste at home using a frying pan and oven. In addition to meat, spices will be needed - half a teaspoon of ground nutmeg, several black peppercorns, large sea salt, six tablespoons of cornstarch and three eggs.

nuggets recipes with photos
And also breading (crackers) and oil for frying.First cut the fillet portionwise - in size they should be the same. Spices and salt grind in a coffee grinder in powder and add to the starch. Eggs beat up and pour into the mixture three tablespoons of water. Pour the lezon into a large plate. Nuggets (the prescription assumes that you can take different types of breading, even crushed almonds) into the egg mixture, then let it drain and lower into biscuits. Prepare the deep-fryer, warming it to the desired temperature (about one hundred and seventy or one hundred and eighty degrees) and lay there the breaded chicken pieces. They reach a golden color in about four to six minutes.
chicken nuggets recipes with photos
Keep chicken nuggets longer (recipes with photosometimes they depict excessively roasted meat, but it is not so tasty in overdried form) does not make sense. Due to the breading in the starch, a crusty crust is provided. A short cooking time allows the meat to remain juicy. Ready nagetsy put on napkins or paper towels, so that excess fat absorbed into the paper. Although, in principle, it will not be too much. It is good to serve ketchup or a special garlic sauce for such meat. To prepare the latter you need to bake garlic with thyme and olive oil, grind into a slurry and mix with natural yoghurt. The whole process of cooking will take about forty minutes, which is not so much. Perhaps this will be the decisive argument for you to decide to try to prepare an analogue of fast food at home.

Nuggets. The recipe in the oven

This dish can be considered almost dietary.Since nagets are not deep-fried, soaking up the butter, they are baked without fat. To this dish is good to serve a light salad of tomatoes with basil. First, marinate the fillet in natural yogurt (unsweetened!) With salt and black pepper. You can keep the meat in this marinade from one hour to a whole night. Breaded bread is prepared from salted crackers, crushed into a crumb with a rolling pin, with the addition of a hundred grams of grated cheese. Crumble the chicken in breading, lay it on parchment and bake for twenty minutes.

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