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Sponge cake with strawberries

Cake with strawberries in early summer - what can bebetter?! This dish will please not only your family members, but you. The cake is not difficult to prepare, but during cooking you need to be very careful and accurate. To make a biscuit tasty, and the cream is nutritious, follow our step-by-step instructions below.

So, what should you have in the kitchen to make a biscuit cake with strawberries?

For a cream, you need about 0.5 kg of softened butter, half a cup of powdered sugar (you can crushed granulated sugar), 1 kg of strawberries.

For a good soak biscuit polstakanaa liquid of fruit canned compote or sugar syrup, 3 tablespoons of rum or liquor for flavor. If you want to get a big cake, and you have a suitable shape, the number of test components increases.

For the test: 10 medium eggs, 200 g of powdered sugar or granulated sugar, 200 g of sifted flour. When baking a large cake, the baking time increases accordingly - not less than one hour.

Cake with strawberries: cooking

Biscuit for a cake, as a rule, bake for a day.

For the dough, prepare a low pot ofaluminum or shape. The bottom of the form is lined with parchment paper, which in turn is slightly lubricated with oil. The oil should also be lubricated and the edges of the mold. We advise you to bake the dough in a shape about 25 cm in diameter, about 10 cm high.

Eggs and sugar are mixed, for example, in the bowl frommixer and cooled for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator. Chilled eggs are beaten with sugar until the foam is formed in such a way that the mass increases about three times. In this mass is poured through a strainer flour and quickly mixed with a wooden spoon. It is very important to do this quickly so that the dough does not settle.

When the dough is ready, it should be poured out immediately.shape and put in the oven. First it is baked at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius, then when the dough rises a little and blushes, the temperature rises to 180 degrees. Baking time is one hour. The oven can not be opened less than half an hour after the start of baking. If you notice that the biscuit was heavily browned, cover it with damp paper, but so that it does not touch the biscuit. Readiness is determined by puncture with a wooden stick: if it's dry, it's ready to biscuit, and you can confidently continue to cook the cake with strawberries, taking up cream and decorations.

The baked biscuit is cooled directly in the formapproximately two hours. After the specified time, gently separate it from the walls with a knife and lay it on the towel. After peeling off the paper, cover with a tissue and let it stand.

Prepared strawberries should be sorted by selectingfor the decoration of the product whole beautiful berries. The rest of the strawberry is wiped with sugar through a colander. One glass of mashed potatoes is used to impregnate the cake.

What strawberry cake without cream?To prepare the cream, you should thoroughly beat the butter with the strawberry puree. When the lush mass is obtained, the settled biscuit is cut into three cakes of the same thickness and syrup is prepared for soaking (a quarter cup of sugar and a quarter of a glass of water). The cooled syrup is combined with the remaining puree and liqueur and mixed. This mixture is then applied to each biscuit layer. After 10 minutes each biscuit layer is sandwiched with the prepared cream and superimposed on each other. The sides of the cake are richly greased with cream so that the biscuit is not visible. And now, the cake with strawberries is almost ready!

Последний этап – украшение.Here you can give vent to your imagination. The simplest solution is to decorate with whole berries or half berries. You can also rub the chocolate or add a banana. Decorated cake with strawberries should be put in the fridge and let it brew.

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