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Cake Napoleon recipe for dessert for loving and loved ones

Food is a product that we consume inside,he carries an energy charge transmitted from the person who prepared it, so any dish cooked with his own hands with love and pleasant thoughts about those who will use it, even if it looks unpretentious, is always tastier and more useful than bought in the store. And the cake created by own hands, truly will be the first dish which visitors will want to try as a dessert, and an ornament of a table.

There is a huge number of different types of "homemade" cakes, but to cook a delicious cake Napoleon, perhaps, this is the most winning option.

This delicacy comes from our childhood, every bit of it brings back a series of pleasant memories, and the younger generation will appreciate it simply for its unmatched taste!

This cake consists of several (from 6 to 12)crispy cakes (almost always puff), greased with a custard or cream (sour cream) cream. On top and sides it is covered (decorated) with crumb obtained after trimming the cake.

For you, wishing to win the hearts of the domestic,especially favorite men (there are also many sweethearts among them), several "home" recipes are offered (they can be cooked in your kitchen), describing how to bake a cake napoleon quickly and deliciously.

Cake napoleon recipe test with margarine, sour cream and vodka

Composition (6 cakes)

A packet of margarine, flour (about two glasses), a glass of sour cream and a spoonful of vodka.


Margarine and flour mixed in a special way

  • If the margarine is frozen, then rub it on a grater into the shavings and pour it into a bowl of flour, mix everything.
  • If the margarine is just cold, then cut it into pieces and add them to a plate with flour. We take two knives and start shredding them with margarine, until we get a homogenous butter and flour crumb.
  • If the margarine is at room temperature, then spread it into the flour and rub it to the above mentioned crumb, there should not be pieces of margarine.

Add sour cream and vodka and hands knead the dough until smooth.

Leave the dough in the refrigerator (stand for at least an hour).

Right on the baking sheet, roll out the cake layers and bake inheated oven to crisp crust (a few minutes). To the dough does not rise much, pierce it with a fork over the entire area. Going cake after complete cooling of the cake.

Napoleon cake dough recipe with oil, water and vinegar

Composition (12 cake layers)

Two packs of butter, two glasses of cold water, a teaspoon of salt, citric acid, 20 drops, high-grade flour (about four glasses), one egg, vodka, three tablespoons.


Lightly beat the egg with salt, water, vinegar,acid and vodka. Add flour. Knead the dough, roll into a ball and set aside for half an hour. Mash butter with flour (four tablespoons) into a homogeneous mass. We stretch the dough like a flower with four petals, put the oil mixture in the middle and cover it with “petals”. The resulting square is folded in half so that the result is a rectangle. Then put the dough in the refrigerator for ten minutes. We take out, roll out, fold, wrap in the same way as the previous time, and send to the fridge now for thirty minutes. The entire procedure is repeated with the difference that the dwell time in the refrigerator is increased to forty-five minutes. We bake the same as in the previous recipe.

Napoleon cake dough recipe shortest


We buy puff pastry in the store, roll it out with a thin layer on a baking sheet, poke it with a fork in different places and bake.

Napoleon Cake Custard Recipe

Composition (on 6 cake layers)

Half a liter and another glass of milk, three spoons of table flour, two eggs, a glass of sugar, half a pack of butter, vanilla on the tip of a knife.


Put the milk to boil.Beat the eggs with sugar, then add a glass of cold milk, flour and again beat everything well. Then pour this mass into boiling milk and boil, stirring constantly, until thickened (thick sour cream consistency). Beat the cooled mixture again, now with oil. Add vanilla.

Ready cake put in the fridge at night. Drink cold.

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