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How to pickle ketu at home: various recipes

Red salted fish is very popularsnack at festive and casual tables. In the shops you can find many different types: salmon, trout, pink salmon. One of the available and tasty fish is the chum. It will become a good alternative to expensive trout and salmon. How to properly salt ketu, we will tell in this article. We suggest you read the recipes.

How to pickle ketu at home: the first way
how to pickle ketu at home

Necessary ingredients:

  • Chicken fillet (or whole carcass) in an amount of 2 kg;
  • lemon juice, laurushka, salt, sugar, dill, ground white pepper.

Technology of preparation

In a container, mix half a glass of salt with onea teaspoon of ground white pepper. Prepared (cleaned, gutted) fish should be mixed with this mixture. Use a plastic container or container. At the bottom lay a sprig of dill and a couple of laurel leaves. Then put a piece of fish down with a sandpaper. Pour the flesh with lemon juice, lay out the dill and laurel. Put the next piece of fish on the contrary - skin up. So lay out until the whole fish runs out. Do not forget to sprinkle each piece with a lemon and shift the leaves of the laurel. Put the fish under oppression, put it in the cold for a couple of days. During this time the chum will be impregnated with the marinade. Excess salt during feeding can be shaken off or removed with a napkin. Do not wash fish underwater - it can ruin its taste.

How to pickle the ket in the brine: the second way
how to properly salt ketu

This way of salting is ideal for chum salmon and pink salmon. It gives extra juiciness to the fish. What do you need:

  • Fish fillet (or prepared pieces of chum with bones) in the amount of 2 kg;
  • on 8 tbsp. l. salt and granulated sugar;
  • a pair of fresh lemons;
  • basil dried, black pepper, nutmeg, ground ginger, curry and olive oil.

How to pickle ketu at home: technology

Fillets or prepared pieces of fishlayers into a suitable plastic container. Pour each of the slices with salt and spices, shift with lemon wedges. Do not overdo with curry and pepper - they need for each piece very little (at the tip of the knife). You can chop the peas of black pepper to make the fragrance. Put the fish in the container filled with boiled water (room temperature). The water should completely cover the ketu. Then cover the container with a lid and clean it for a day in the refrigerator.


After the chum salts, extract it from thebrine, cut into thin slices with a knife and put in a bowl with a lid. Pour the ketu with olive oil. So the salted fillet will not dry out and will remain juicy for a long time.

How to pickle ketu at home: way the third
how to pickle the brine in brine

Necessary ingredients:

  • Fish fillet (or prepared pieces of chum with bones) in the amount of 2 kg;
  • salt in an amount of 8 tbsp. l .;
  • Lavrushka, pepper-peas and ground black pepper,.

How to pickle ketu at home: technology

This recipe is popular in the Murmansk region.There, as you know, the abundance of red fish and salt it in a traditional way. First you need to boil the brine. 1.5 liters of water boil on the stove, adding pepper, laurel, ground pepper and peas, salt. Hold the marinade on the fire for 10 minutes, then cool. Prepared fish put in a container and fill with cold brine. Cover and place in the refrigerator for 14 hours. After the brine is drained, the fish are cut into slices. In order to keep it longer, it should be filled with vegetable oil and vinegar.

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