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Tiramisu: a recipe for cooking at home

The most famous Italian dessert is beyond anydoubt is tiramisu. It is a biscuit biscuit, soaked in syrup and layered with cream. To enjoy tiramisu is the dream of every sweet tooth. Many people think that it is difficult to prepare this dessert at home, but this is not so. How to make tiramisu at home, so that it turned out in Italian delicious, you will tell this article.

Tiramisu: recipe with coffee

Let's start with the main components of tiramisu:mascarpone cream and sponge cake Biscotti. One liter of heavy cream (25 to 35%) heated up to 80 degrees t, introduce 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and heated to the low heat of about 10 minutes leans gauze and leave overnight to drain. The cream is ready.

Now the cookies.The three yolks are ground with 75 g of powdered sugar and beat well to the state of the cream. Then gradually introduce 75 g of flour. We knead the dough (it will turn out very thick), then add 3 whipped proteins to it. We cover the tray with paper and use a confectionery syringe to squeeze out the cookies, sprinkle it with sugar powder.

So, 250 g of strong express should be mixed with 60 glm coffee liqueur (can be replaced with "Amaretto"). 3 yolk weed with 80 g of powdered sugar, and whisk the whites. Stir mascarpone, gradually introducing into it yolks, and then proteins. For a while put in the refrigerator. Half of Biscotti's cookies are dipped in coffee with liquor and put in a mold. Top half of the cream mascarpone. Then we put the second layer of Biscotti and also fill it with cream. Top with sprinkled chocolate (about 30 g) and cool for 2 hours in the fridge. The dessert is ready.

Tiramisu: a recipe with cherries

Whisk 500 g mascarpone, spoonful of vanillaflesh, as much cherry liqueur and 2 tablespoons of sugar with the help of a mixer to the air state. At 250 g of sweet cherry we remove bones. We take 4 tall glasses, put each on a biscuit, put cherries and cream, cover the glasses and leave it in the refrigerator for the night. Before serving, sprinkle the dessert with chocolate or cocoa and decorate the cherry.

Tiramisu: recipe with berries

Five whites are well beaten, gradually introducing 50g of sugar. Separately beat the yolks, also pour in them 50 g of sugar, and 3 more spoons of lemon or orange syrup. Then add 500 g of mascarpone cream and mix until homogeneous. Then spoon the whipped proteins. Half of the resulting cream should be put in a mold, and on top lay a layer of biscuit biscuits, dipping each in syrup (lemon or orange). The next layer will be cut kiwi (4 pcs.) And 200 g of strawberries. From above put another layer of cream, and then - 100 grams of malinka. Then cool for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Tiramisu: a recipe with bananas

Whisk 3 egg yolks, 35 ml white wineMarsala, 25 grams of sugar powder and 250 g of maskapone. 3 spoons of black and strong coffee mixed with 40 ml of wine and dip into this mixture biscuit biscuits. Then put this cookie on the bottom of the mold, put the cream on top, 1 banana cut and 25 grams of shabby chocolate. Then repeat the layers.

Tiramisu: recipe without eggs

This is a very simple recipe for tiramisu, which can becook for those who for some reason do not eat eggs. 150 ml of fatty (35%) cream whipped into a thick foam. In another bowl, whisk 250 g of maskapone, adding to it50 ml of condensed cocoa and a spoonful of sugar. Then we connect both masses and put it for 1 hour in the refrigerator. On the plate lay a layer of cookies Biscotti and pour impregnation. Impregnation is prepared as follows: cook strong and very sweet coffee, 50 ml of which is mixed and the same amount of creamy liquor (for example, Beiliss). The liver should be slightly soaked, after which it can be filled with cream. Top by tradition sprinkled with shabby chocolate (1 tile).

Have a nice tea!

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