/ How to make cottage cheese at home?

How to make cottage cheese at home?

Curd is very useful and tastysour-milk product, which contains proteins, fats and mineral elements. It can not only be bought in a store or on the market, but also prepared by yourself. How to make cottage cheese at home? It turns out that this is a very simple procedure for which you will need milk or kefir. From a three-liter can of milk, about 800 grams of cottage cheese is produced, and in general the weight of the finished product depends on its moisture content. Home cottage cheese often turns out more delicious, bought in the store, and at a price cheaper.

How to make a cottage cheese from milk

In order to make the cottage cheese tasty, bettertake milk is not a shop, but buy in the market one-piece, fresh and unboiled. It is best to use fresh milk without any additives. A jar of milk should be placed in a sufficiently warm place, so that it is pro-acid at room temperature. You can put it in the kitchen next to the battery. To speed up the process, put in a milk spoon of sour cream or a crust of black bread as a starter. While the milk is sour, it should not be disturbed. The product will be ready in 1-3 days, depending on the temperature of the air and the presence in the milk of the ferment. Readiness is determined by the appearance of bubbles and the appearance of thick lumps. The resulting coagulated mass will resemble a jelly, easily separated from the surface. It is important to watch then that milk does not perevokisilos, otherwise the cottage cheese will turn out too sour.

Sour milk carefully pour into a saucepan.Put the saucepan on a slow fire and keep on the stove until the whey is separated. Milk can not be held on fire for too long and boiled, otherwise the cottage cheese will turn out to be rubbery and tasteless. Sour milk can be placed in the oven for one hour at a temperature of 120 degrees.

Then remove the cottage cheese from the plate or take it out of the ovenand let it cool down. At this time, take a large piece of gauze, folded in several layers and put in a colander. The edges of the gauze should hang from the colander. Cool down the mass for curd to put in a colander, the edges of the gauze to lift up, tie and hang over a container, where the serum will drain. Cottage cheese can not be pressed by hand, because it will turn out to be dry. It is necessary to wait until the serum itself drains, which takes about five to six hours. When the gauze ceases to drip, the ready cottage cheese can be extracted. The preparation of cottage cheese is over.

The remaining serum can be used to prepare the dough. Home cottage cheese will be stored in the refrigerator for about a week.

How to make cottage cheese without heating

You can cook cottage cheese without heatingsour milk. To do this, it is necessary to discard the resulting mass on a layer of gauze folded in several layers immediately after fermentation, tie the ends of the gauze, suspend and drain. Cottage cheese is ready.

How to make cottage cheese from yogurt

The cooking technology is almost the same,as from milk, except for the process of fermentation. To do this, pour kefir into a saucepan and put on a slow fire. Do not overheat, nor bring to the boil yogurt can not, so that the cottage cheese did not turn out to be hard and tasteless. When kefir is ready, cool the mass, pour it into gauze and hang over the container. When the liquid drains, the cottage cheese is ready.

From kefir you can prepare a quick curd for baby food.

How to make cottage cheese for children

To do this, you need to put milk on the fire andboil. Pour into the milk kefir, which take less milk in half. Make a minimal fire and keep on the fire for about 10 minutes. When the milk is curled, remove from heat, cool and discard on gauze. Cottage cheese for the baby should be combined with pieces of fruit and beat in a blender. From fruits you can take grated apple, peach, banana, pear. This cottage cheese is suitable for the child much more than the purchase.

Home-made curd can be eaten as an independent product (with yoghurt, sour cream, sugar, fruit) or cook curd, casserole, stuffing for flour products.

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