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Cookies "Ears" (different ways of cooking)

Do you know how cookies are cooked?"Ears"? Surely such people are very few. After all, this is a dessert, which was very popular even in Soviet times. As you know, just a couple of decades ago to buy delicious pastries in the store was quite problematic. Therefore, many housewives prepared it themselves.

biscuit cookies

Cookies "Ears" is a simple andan affordable dessert that can be cooked with ease, even if you do not have culinary skills. How to make this delicacy, we will tell below.

Step-by-step recipe for cookies "Ushki"

Prepare such a simple cookie is quite easy. In this case, you should strictly follow all the requirements of the recipe.

So, for baking the dessert in question we will need:

  • butter is expensive (that is, good quality) - 115 g;
  • cottage cheese or shop (medium fat content) - about 250-270 g;
  • light wheat flour - about 145 g;
  • sugar large beetroot - 115 g;
  • salt usual - 1 small pinch;
  • baking powder - 3-4 g.

How to knead the cottage cheese dough?

To make cookies "Ears", it is necessary to preparesoft foundation. To do this, store or rustic cottage cheese is spread in a bowl, then kneaded with a normal fork. Next, in a separate dish, melt the cooking oil. After cooling, pour it into the dairy product, and also pour a small pinch of salt, a large spoonful of sugar and baking powder.

After the described actions to the received massadd the flour. Preliminarily it is sifted. After kneading all the ingredients, they get a rather soft and elastic base. This criterion in the preparation of cookies is very important. If the dough turns out too dense, then the "Ushki" biscuit will become tough and not tasty.

biscuit cookie recipe

We form products

How to form a cookie "Ears", photowhich is presented in this article? This dessert is made quite simply. First, the cooked dough is removed to the refrigerator (about two hours). Do this to ensure that the substrate is slightly frozen, and it could easily be rolled into a thin layer.

After this time, the dough is removed from therefrigerator, lightly sprinkled with wheat flour and placed on a flat surface. Then it is rolled into a large and thin layer, after which it is cut into circles with a diameter of up to 4-5 cm. This process should be carried out by means of a glass.

Once all the products are ready, proceed tothe direct formation of cookies. To do this, each cottage cheese slice is dipped in granulated sugar, which is poured into a flat plate beforehand. Do this only on one side.

Bending the base in half, namely sugar inside,It is again dipped in a sweet, loose product. This process is carried out one more time. As a result, you get a small "ear". Precisely also processed and all other products.

Baking process in the oven

Cookies "Ears", the caloric content of which is prettyhigh, it should be baked only in a preheated oven. To do this, all the formed products are alternately laid out on the preheated baking sheet. After that, it is sent to the oven.

Observing the temperature regime of 195 degrees, the products are baked for about 24 minutes. During this time, the curd cookies should become rosy and lush.

Biscuit Ears Photo

Present to the table

Prepare your homemade cookies, it's neatremove from the baking tray, then spread on a beautiful dish. Use curd dessert should be in hot form. In this case, you can enjoy a very soft, tender and melting in your mouth baking. By the way, in a cold form such a delicacy turns out not less tasty. At the same time it is more crunchy and hard.

Make delicious and simple pastries on margarine

The recipe for the "Ushki" cookie, presented below, is classic. If you need an easier way of making this baking, then we suggest using the following products:

  • grainy moist curd - about 500 g;
  • margarine soft high quality - 250 g;
  • flour light wheaten - at the discretion (about 2.5 glasses);
  • soda slaked - incomplete dessert spoon;
  • sugar beet - about 175 g.

How to prepare the base?

This dough is made very easily.Soft margarine is intensively kneaded with a fork, after which it is mixed together with the cottage cheese. Adding to the ingredients about 50 grams of sugar, slaked soda and flour, get an elastic dough.

The process of forming and baking

The treat is formed in the same way aswas described in the previous recipe. Curd dough is removed from the refrigerator after two hours, and then divided into small pieces, which subsequently roll into balls. Then they make circles. Soaking dough in sugar, it is folded twice in two, having received a "eyelet" in the form of a quart.

cookies ears calories

Having formed all the products, they are laid out on a sheet of parchment, and then sent to the oven. After ¼ hour, dessert is taken out and presented to the table with tea.

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