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We'll tell you how to peel pads

A podberezovik - widely spread onthe territory of Russia, a mushroom that has excellent taste qualities and contains a lot of nutrients - vitamins (B, D, E, C) and minerals (phosphorus, etc.).

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He is almost in no way inferior to the amazingwhite mushroom for its beneficial properties and nutritional value. You can meet it on various soils, in birch forests and forest belts, in glades and fringes. Collecting podberezovikov produce from the end of spring and until the middle of autumn.

There are different types of fungus, but the largestis a brown caper. You can learn it from a convex pillow-shaped hat that has a different coloring - gray, brown or brown. The foot of the fungus is usually long, slightly thickening downwards, usually a light white-gray hue. The flesh does not change color on the cut, it is dense in structure and white. A podberezovik is considered one of the most delicious mushrooms, used for food in fresh, dried, fried, marinated. How to clean podberezoviki - read in our article. Also we will tell you how to process and prepare these excellent mushrooms.

How to clean the pimples right?

If you have collected or bought such mushrooms andThey brought them home, then you should start cleaning as soon as possible. The thing is that the pads are not stored for a long time in a crude form and quickly deteriorate. Processing mushrooms should be according to where they were collected, what kind of contamination they have. For example, birch bark, collected in a clean forest with a large bed of moss and leaves, as a rule, do not need serious treatment. Usually they are quite clean, so it's only necessary to clean the head and bottom of the stalk a little, remove the stuck leaves and other debris, and also make sure that the balsam is not wormy, having cut the flesh.

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In the event that the fungi grew in the grass, onopen glades and fringes, they will need a more serious cleaning, since sand, dust and dirt adhere to their surface. How to clean the podberezoviki in this case: carefully scrape with a knife, remove all adherent large debris, and also remove all damaged places, if any. If the fungus is wormy, then it should be soaked in salt water or discarded. After cleaning, birch-bark should be washed. It is convenient to do this as follows: place a batch of podberezovikov in a colander and immerse them in a large basin of running water several times. So you wash away all the sand and other rubbish easily and quickly. Now you know how to mushroom mushrooms. It is not difficult to do this, especially if they are clean and young, without damage and wormholes.

How to clean the podberezoviki and what can you cook from them?

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It is known that these forestare inferior in taste to the famous white mushroom. Therefore, eat podberezoviki for food in a variety of variations - dried, salted, pickled, fried, boiled, etc. Before preparing them, the main thing is to remember that these mushrooms have a strong tendency to darken with temperature treatment. This should not be frightened.

If you want to keep thefreezer, they must first be boiled in salted water twice for 20 minutes. You can also dry these mushrooms for the winter. Make it easy with the oven. Preheat oven to 150 ° C, cut off the legs from the hats, place them on the baking tray separately from each other. Leave them for an hour, lowering the temperature to 120 ° C. After that, make a minimal fire and dry for about 6 hours. Readiness of mushrooms can be determined by the brittleness of the cap. Keep this blank in a paper bag in a cool, dark place.

What to do with poderezozikov yet? In addition to drying and freezing, you can fry mushrooms or make a fragrant soup from them. They are so tasty that any dish will turn out to be perfect!

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