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Mash is a recipe for the preparation of exotic legumes

Mash, the recipe for which is knownfar from everyone, a rare guest in our markets. This is a legume crop, which is grown in Central Asia - more often in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. In Russia, its popularity is much lower than, say, lentils.

mash recipe
And this is a big omission, because the mung bean (kidney beans,recipes with which are more popular, and then less useful) - just a storehouse of vegetable protein, phosphorus and calcium. These small bright green egg-shaped beans were considered the optimal food for children, the elderly and weakened patients in India and China. In mache is also a lot of vitamin C. It is indispensable in the diet of those wishing to improve the figure, suffering from diabetes and just those who love exotics and variety in food. If you bought a mache in the market, the recipe you can cook it for will tell you to put it out, boil it, or grind it into flour. In addition, it is possible to germinate this product and use sprouts in salads.

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Mash. Recipe with potatoes

A glass of legumes, four glasses of water, three hundredgrams of potatoes, five tomatoes, a spoonful of tomato paste and vegetable oil - that's all you need. It is very desirable to supplement the recipe with a mixture of spices, they will make a tasteless mash (the recipe allows variations - instead of potatoes you can take eggplant) to play with new colors. You need cumin seeds, chili, garlic, fresh ginger, turmeric, salt, sugar and curry. Mash boil in large quantities of water, separately boil potatoes. Discard these products on a sieve. Chili, garlic and ginger to cut, rub. Cut tomatoes into cubes or slices. In a frying pan fry the cumin grains, add the remaining spices, salt, sugar, tomato and tomatoes. Then put the ready-made mung beans and potatoes into the resulting sauce, put it out and serve a little, sprinkling with cilantro or parsley. As a garnish, you can boil rice, and as an additional sauce to serve unsweetened yogurt.

recipe for cooking mash mash

Recipe for cooking "mash-mash" - fried eggs in Bulgarian

This dish looks like an Italian frittata - an omelettewith various fillers, which add a satiety dish. The Bulgarian version includes brynza, paprika, tomatoes, onions and a lot of greens. For two servings of fried eggs, you need to take three eggs. And the number of vegetables can vary depending on your taste. Paprika is better to take a multicolored - this will improve the appearance of the dish. Thoroughly peel onions, cut into thin rings. On the warmed butter, it is necessary to fry it until browning, and in the meantime prepare the tomatoes - peeled (beforehand with boiling water) and cut into small cubes. Put in a frying pan to the onions. Pepper to peel from the partitions (they can give bitterness) and seeds, also chop and put to fry. All ingredients should be in a frying pan until the paprika becomes soft. Brynza (you can replace it with "Feta" or Adyghe cheese) crumb and add to the vegetables. Then to dissolve eggs on a frying pan, pepper, salt and bring to readiness. If the cheese is salty enough, there is no need to add salt. It is advisable to sprinkle the finished dish with plenty of greens.

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