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Salting herring at home

Let's talk about how fast, tasty andself-salting herring at home because salting the herring at home is not inferior to taste, and often exceeds the quality of store products. And, herring, in turn, is not expensive, but at the same time it is loved by many fish. From her prepare a variety of a variety of dishes, but salting herring at home, by right, takes a leading position.

Buying salted herring in the store, prettyit is difficult to visually determine how it is salted, therefore, focusing only on the comments of the seller who wants to sell his goods, it is difficult to understand whether the fish we bought is slightly salted, as written on the price tag, and how fresh her ambassador is. It is all the more difficult, standing at the counter, to determine what kind of fish, namely, in what condition it is salted by freshness. As a rule, the taste qualities purchased by salted fish rarely meet our expectations. It is much easier to pickle herring at home. Herring salting at home will be done taking into account all your gastronomic preferences, and its freshness will not cause a shadow of doubt.

Choose a frozen herring for domestic salting.

First we go to the store for freshly frozen fish.It is advisable to buy large and flat copies of it. On the body should not be unusual for her flowers and spots, do not buy fish that has acquired a rusty shade, a dull and darkened cover or has a not quite pleasant smell. Scales frozen fish fit tightly to the skin. Thawed herring should not lose its elasticity and move away from the bones. After defrosting, it is recommended to use the fish completely, because the repeated freezing will negatively affect both the appearance and flavor of its qualities. It is not necessary to defrost the fish by putting it in the water, since this method takes many nutrients, and this will undoubtedly affect the taste of the dishes.

Various options for how to produce salted herring at home.

For starters, one of the not complicated, but very delicious recipes for salting fish entirely:

Prepare the marinade:in 3 cups boiled, but not hot water enough to dissolve a tablespoon of salt and granulated sugar. Add a bit of black pepper for taste, a few leaves of bay leaf and 2 pieces of cloves. In the future, you can combine the ingredients for the marinade to your taste.

We lay the washed fish in the prepared marinadeso that it completely covers the herring, close the container with the fish lid and leave it salted. In order to get spicy salting, just 12 hours, finding the fish in the marinade. Further, according to the increasing: the longer you hold the herring in the marinade, the more salty it will become.

Another option is how to pickle herring at home. It is worth noting that it is he who is fervently loved by all members of my family for the unusual taste and speed in cooking.

We take the fish bigger and do not unfreeze itcompletely, and after washing, let it thaw for about 20 minutes and start cooking. We remove the head, tail and fins, then cut the carcase into slices across the spine, not more than a centimeter thick. We cut onions at will, i.e. can be cut into rings, semirings or cubes, to whom it is more convenient. At the bottom of the plastic container (I use the container from under the shop herring) lay the chopped onion, the next layer - prepared fish, pour a small amount of vegetable oil, and sprinkle a small pinch of sugar on top, and a pinch of salt more, if desired, you can add sweet pepper and Bay leaf. Covering the container with a lid, shake the contents of the minute 2-3. On this process, the name "salting herring at home" is over, but it remains to stand a couple of hours and start eating, but we usually do not have enough for so long and start eating after half an hour. The fish turns out amazingly tasty, oily and slightly salty. Pleasant to everyone's appetite.

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