/ How to pickle brisket? A few delicious recipes

How to pickle brisket? A few delicious recipes

You can safely call the salted brisket one of thethe oldest dishes of Slavic cuisine. Wrapped in a rag piece of salty fatty meat with spices and accompanied by a merchant in a distant journey, and a pilgrim, and a simple soldier. And also this delicacy was the basis of the ration of the Chumaks, who carried salt to the most distant corners of Russia ...

how to pickle brisket

Breasts can be called one of the types of fat -truly cult food. It differs by the predominance of the meat part over fat, and often contains bone or cartilaginous parts of the ribs. Of course, the most delicious brisket, salted independently. Fragrant, spicy or tender, depending on preferences, it can brighten up a modest weekday dinner or be worthy to reign on a festive table. About how to pickle brisket, and will be discussed in the article.

What is a brisket? Choose a piece for pickling

Meat from the thoracic part of the carcass is called a brisket.For the salted pork is used - it is oily, tender, with interlayers of juicy fat. Thin cartilaginous ribs are often not cut out, because they give the brisket a special charm. Before salting the brisket, it is better to go to the farmers' market, where the most fresh and quality raw materials are brought. Meat and lard of a domestic pig, grown up in the fresh air and fed by natural fodder, are always fragrant and tastier. Only before buying it is necessary to make sure that with the health of the pig it was all right. A conscientious seller will gladly provide all the necessary documents.

Salting of the brisket in a dry way

Often the original and the ancient are in no way inferior to the latest innovations and latest developments. How to pickle brisket in a classic way? To do this, you will need the brisket, salt and black pepper.

how to properly salve a bacon

The meat cut into bars must be rubbed with a mixture andleave to reap for 2-3 days. This is how the brisket was salted in ancient times. Salted in this way, it turns tender and soft, easily cut. When served on the table with it, you can even not remove the peel. This universal way of salting is good in that the meat turns out to be almost neutral, but at the same time it is not insipid, expressive. It will be to your taste even for those who do not eat spicy.

Salting of juicy bacon with spices and garlic

But lovers of garlic and pepper will appreciate the followingrecipe. Fat brisket is perfectly combined with a lot of seasonings. Before properly salting the brisket with pepper and garlic, prepare all the necessary ingredients, rastolcheshem them in a mortar and mix thoroughly. In the same mixture, you can immediately add salt.

how to salt a brisket

For this recipe, a black, white andred ground pepper, marjoram, paprika, zira, dried herbs, coriander and much more. That's all that you like to assemble the dishes - safely add to the mixture! The garlic passed through the crush will add flavor and sharpness. Grated with spices and salt, a piece of brisket can be wrapped in gauze, foil or food film, so that the seasonings do not fall off. After a couple of days you can regale your home with a delicious treat.

Brine brine

Another fairly common method withLess ancient history teaches us how to pickle brisket in brine. It differs in that the piece will be salted not directly by salt, but by salt water, in which the spices are dissolved. To prepare the pickle, take 50 grams of salt for each liter of water. But how much to put spices and seasonings is a matter of taste. The brisket should be immersed in water and put on top oppression.

how to pickle brisket in brine

The time of pickling depends on the size of the slice. Usually two or three days is enough. Before salting the brisket in this way, a piece can be stuffed with garlic.

How to serve salted brisket on a table

This delicacy is perfect for a garnish ofboiled or baked potatoes. With salted brisket, homemade sugars and pickles are combined. You can serve the table with wooden, ceramic or pottery, and also pick up linen textiles.

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